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                                                                              WITNESS LIST

            Criminal Justice

            April 11, 2012 9:00 AM

            Interim Charge 1


                                 Skeen, Martin   Sergeant (Houston Police Department), Houston, TX

                                 Wood, Justin   Assistant District Attorney (Harris County District Attorney's Office),

                                 Houston, TX


                                 Maxwell, David   Deputy Director (Texas Attorney General Office), Austin, TX

                                 McCraw, Steven   Director (Texas Department of Public Safety), Austin, TX

                  Providing written testimony:


                                 Gay, Clifford    (Self), Rosenberg, TX

            Interim Charge 2


                                 Camp, Torie   Deputy Director  (also providing written testimony) (Texas Association

                                 Against Sexual Assault), Austin, TX

                                 Rauls, Joy   Executive Director  (also providing written testimony) (Children's Advocacy

                                 Centers of Texas), Austin, TX

                                 Spriggs, Vicki   Chief Executive Officer  (also providing written testimony) (Texas CASA),

                                 Austin, TX

                                 Terry, Gloria   President  (also providing written testimony) (Texas Council on Family

                                 Violence), Austin, TX


                                 Geeslin, Julie   Budget Director (Texas Attorney General), Austin, TX

                                 Hodge, Daniel   First Assistant Attorney General  (also providing written testimony) (Office

                                 of the Attorney General), Austin, TX

                                 McCleskey, Gene   Division Chief (Office of the Attorney General), Austin, TX