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                                                                              WITNESS LIST

            State Affairs

            February 9, 2011 9:00 AM

            SB 16


                                 Flower, MD, Linda    (also providing written testimony) (Texas Physicians Resource

                                 Council), Tombull, TX

                                 Johnson, Abby    (also providing written testimony)  (Self), College Station, TX

                                 Love, Mikeal   MD  (also providing written testimony)  (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Nuckok, Beverly   MD  (Self), New Braunfels, TX

                                 Rivas, Andrew   (Texas Catholic Conference), Austin, TX

                                 Sadler, Threesa    (also providing written testimony)  (Self), Greenville, TX

                                 Saenz, Jonathan    (also providing written testimony) (Liberty Institute), Austin, TX

                                 Williams, Terry   (Central Texas Life Care-Care Net National), San Marcos, TX


                                 Ademski, Thomas James    (also providing written testimony)  (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Crawford, RC    (Self), Round Rock, TX

                                 Gilbert, Michele   MD  (also providing written testimony)  (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Haney, Susan    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Rocap, Blake   (NARAL Pro-Choice Texas), Austin, TX

                                 Sendejo, Brenda    (also providing written testimony)  (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Spear, Scott   MD  (also providing written testimony) (Planned Parenthood), Austin, TX

                                 Thompson, Margaret   MD, JD, MPAFF  (Self), Austin, TX


                                 Griffin, Leslie    (also providing written testimony)  (Self), Houston, TX

                                 Romberg, Matthew    (Self), Round Rock, TX

                                 Stansbury, Jennifer   (TX Health and Human Services Commission), Austin, TX

                  Registering, but not testifying:


                                 Adams, Cathie    (Self), Dallas, TX

                                 Adams, Lehua    (Self), Round Rock, TX

                                 Allmon, Jennifer    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Blakemore, Allen    (Self; Conservative Republicans of Texas), Houston, TX

                                 Cooper, Deirdre   (Texas Alliance for Life), Austin, TX

                                 Dyke, Patricia    (Self), Simms, TX

                                 Everett, Carol    (Self), Round Rock, TX

                                 Follett, Issac    (Self), Buda, TX

                                 Follett, Scott    (Self), Buda, TX

                                 Gerstenschlager, MerryLynn    (Self; Texas Eagle Forum), Austin, TX

                                 Glaser, Carol   (Texas Right to Life), Houston, TX

                                 Horne, Emily   (Texas Right to Life), Belleville, TX

                                 Hotze, Stephen   MD  (Self; Conservative Republicans of Texas), Katy, TX

                                 Huemmer, Maria    (Self), Round Rock, TX

                                 Kebodeaux, Emily   (Texas Right to Life), Cleveland, TX


                                                                              WITNESS LIST

            State Affairs

            February 9, 2011 9:00 AM

                                 Malone, Joe    (Self), Buda, TX

                                 Malone, John    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Malone, Matthew    (Self), Buda, TX

                                 Malone, Patrick    (Self), Buda, TX

                                 McClung, Elizabeth    (Self), Pflugerville, TX

                                 Meyer, Dina    (Self; Texas Alliance for Life), Austin, TX

                                 Moreland, Ronda Kay    (Self), Dallas, TX

                                 Pojman, Joe   Ph.D (Texas Alliance for Life), Austin, TX

                                 Pollett, Ethan    (Self), Buda, TX

                                 Seago, John   (Texas Right to Life), Austin, TX

                                 Williams, Lynn    (Self), Round Rock, TX

                                 Williams, Stanley    (Self), Round Rock, TX


                                 Albright, Alexandra W.    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Alexander, Shelby    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Anschutz, Kent    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Archambeault, Marie    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Ausley, Robbie    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Avila, Angel    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Bamberg, Deborah    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Black, Lindsey    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Boone, Aimee    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Brasenell, Philip    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Burgess, Linda J.    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Callaway, Dawn    (Self), Houston, TX

                                 Camp, Victoria   (Texas Association Against Sexual Assault), Austin, TX

                                 Campbell, Wilda    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Cauduro, Michelle    (Self), Buda, TX

                                 Clift, Amy    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Clift, Paul    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Cofer, Mary Elizabeth    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Cooper, Nancy    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Cromwell, Jessie    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Crook, Alexandra N.    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Cunningham, Tara    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Dave, Neesha    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Devereux, Danielle    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Dobberfuhl, Rebecca    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Dodson, Robbie    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Ehlinger, Janis    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Engelman, Lindsey    (Self), Austin, TX


                                                                              WITNESS LIST

            State Affairs

            February 9, 2011 9:00 AM

                                 Fager, Gulielma    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Farnsworth, Patricia    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Fondell, Dayna    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Fraser, Carla    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Gaillour, Kathryn    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Garza, Delia    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Gasper, Phyllis    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Gonzalez, Estella    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Haney, Amber    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Haverlah, Sandra   (Planned Parenthood of North Texas), Austin, TX

                                 Heskel, Tina    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Hughes Wagner, Jessica    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Johnson, Ronnie L.    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Kalai, Deena    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Kang, Jennifer    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Karotkin, Beth    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Kipp, Jesse    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Klose, Joanna   (NARAL Pro-Choice), Austin, TX

                                 Koford, Amelia    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Kues, Darcy    (Self), New Braunfels, TX

                                 Land, Stephanie    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Lindholm, Ann    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Lynch, Alan    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Martin, Carol    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Martindale, Elizabeth    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 McMillan, Tiffany    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Mears, Gemma    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Meister, Miriam    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Mills, Bonnie    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Mills, Cynthia J.    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Nartowicz, Tonya    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Nation, Beverly    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 O'Hare, Kathryn    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 O'Hare, Scott    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Ortiz y Prentice, Ambrosia   (Law Students for Reproductive Justice), Austin, TX

                                 Osburn, Tiffany    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Owen, Robert    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Parsley, Clint    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Pearson, Joshua    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Pinnell, Joseph    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Pinnelli, Janis W.    (Self), Austin, TX


                                                                              WITNESS LIST

            State Affairs

            February 9, 2011 9:00 AM

                                 Portilla, Jennifer    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Potter, Joseph Earl    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Powers, Lindsay    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Railsback, Sherie    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Ramsey, Lesley    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Ransom, Sandra   NP  (Self; Planned Parenthood), Austin, TX

                                 Roberts, Susan K.    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Robles, Brady    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Rodgers, Scott    (Self), Houston, TX

                                 Rountree, Meredith    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Ryckman, Tatiana    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Sallas Merritt, Terry   (Whole Women's Health), Austin, TX

                                 Saltzman, Hilary    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Saslavsky, Elisa    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Saslavsky, Elisa   (Nation Council of Jewish Women - Austin Section), Austin, TX

                                 Steele, Annie    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Stollon, Courtney Elizabeth    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Taylor, Kimberly    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Thompson, Rob    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Tran, Stephen   (The Lilith Fund), Austin, TX

                                 Truingale, Dusty Ellison    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Voellinger, Kailey    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Volers Patterson, Laura    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Walker, Ruth    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Williams, Norma    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Willmore, Ellen    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Woods, John    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Young Kaffie, Lynda    (Self), Austin, TX

                  Providing written testimony:


                                 Hudspeth, Dr. Kenneth   MD (Central Texas LifeCare), San Marcos, TX


                                 Burke, Terri   (ACLU of Texas), Austin, TX

                                 Cleveland, Sara   (NARAL on behalf of Southwestern Women's Surgery Center), Austin,


                                 Durkin, Peter J.   (Planned Parenthood), Houston, TX

                                 Haverlah, Jr., Leroi    (Self), Austin, TX

                                 McGarry, Mignon   (American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists), Austin, TX

                                 Parken, Judith   (League of Women Voters), Austin, TX

                                 Perez, Angelica B.    (Self), Austin, TX