July 17, 2012 9:00 AM

            Interim Charge #1

            Panel 1: Urban ESCs and School Districts


                                 Culwell, Curtis  Supt. (Garland ISD (Invited)), Garland, TX

                                 Echols, Buddy  Executive Director  (also providing written testimony) (Region 10 ESC),

                                 Richardson, TX

                                 Smith, Terry  Executive Director  (also providing written testimony) (Education Service

                                 Center, Region 13), Austin, TX

                                 Waxler, Mel  Chief of Staff  (also providing written testimony) (Austin Independent School

                                 District), Austin, TX

            Interim Charge #1

            Panel 2: Rural ESCs and School Districts


                                 Tucker, Toby  Superintendent  (also providing written testimony) (Claude ISD), Claude, TX


                                 Bass, John  Executive Director  (also providing written testimony) (Region 16 Education

                                 Service Center), Amarillo, TX

                                 Damron, Jack  Executive Director  (also providing written testimony) (Region One ESC),

                                 Edinburg, TX

                                 Richter, Virginia N.  Superintendent  (also providing written testimony) (Sharyland ISD/

                                 PSJA ISD), McAllen, TX

            Interim Charge #1

            Panel 3: Funding of Regional ESCs


                                 Henricksen, Aaron  Budget Analyst  (also providing written testimony) (Legislative Budget

                                 Board), Austin, TX

                                 Schiess, Jennifer  Manager, Public Education Team (LBB), Austin, TX

                                 Smisko, Ann  Associate Commissioner  (also providing written testimony) (Texas

                                 Education Agency), Austin, TX

            Interim Charge #1

            Panel 4: Shared Services


                                 Pawelek, Lynse  Director of Special Education  (also providing written testimony)

                                 (TCASE), Poteet, TX


                                 Canby Jr, Thomas Dawson  Director of Research and Technology  (also providing written

                                 testimony) (Texas Association of School Business Officials), Austin, TX

                                 Lain, Jackie  Associate Executive Dir. Texas Association of School Boards Governmental

                                 Relations  (also providing written testimony) (TX Assoc. of School Boards), Austin, TX

            Interim Charge #1:  Public Testimony


                                 Bamberg, Wanda  Superintendent  (also providing written testimony) (Aldine ISD, Region

                                 IV), Houston, TX

                                 Cooper, Blake W.  Superintendent (TACS, TASA, Commerce ISD), Commerce, TX

                                                                              WITNESS LIST


            July 17, 2012 9:00 AM

                                 Fuerst, John  Assistant Director of Special Education, Austin ISD  (also providing written

                                 testimony) (TCASE), Austin, TX

                                 Running, Dr. Peter  Superintendent (Kemp ISD, TACS, TASA), Kemp, TX

                                 VanMatre, Steve  Superintendent (Sinton ISD), Corpus, TX

                                 Warren, Ryder  Superintendent (Midland ISD), Midland, TX


                                 Blount, Wayne  Superintendent (Sands CISD & TACS), Ackerly, TX

                                 Eaton, Holly  Director of Professional Development and Advocacy (TX Classroom

                                 Teachers Assoc), Austin, TX

                                 Gilcrease, Buck  Superintendent  (also providing written testimony) (Texas Rural Education

                                 Association), Hillsboro, TX

                                 Golsan, Richard James  Education Policy Analyst (Texas Public Policy Foundation),

                                 Austin, TX

                                 Key, Walter  Superintendent (Texas Community Schools-TASA), San Augustine, TX

                                 Lancaster, Brad  Superintendent (Lake Travis ISD), Austin, TX

                                 Ross, Dr. Sharon  Superintendent  (also providing written testimony) (Jefferson ISD, TACS,

                                 TREA, TASA), Jefferson, TX

                                 Seigrist, Superintendent, Andrew  President Elect TREA, ESC3 Legislative Liaison TACS

                                 (Texas Rural Education Association, Texas Association of Community Schools, Tidehaven

                                 ISD), El Maton, TX

                                 Swanson, Steve  Citizen  (Self), Austin, TX

                  Registering, but not testifying:


                                 Williams, Todd  Superintendent (Tx. Assoc. of Mid-Size Schools (TAMS)), Kaufman, TX

                  Providing written testimony:


                                 Armenta, Kathy  Assoc. Clinical Prof. - UT/School of Soc. Work (NASW-National Assoc.

                                 of Social Work), Manchaca, TX

                                 Travis, Clayton  Mental Health Policy Associate (Texans Care for Children), Austin, TX


                                 Milam, Susan  Director of Govt. Relations (National Association of Social Workers/Texas

                                 Chapter), Austin, TX