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                                                                              WITNESS LIST

            Intergovernmental Relations

            November 2, 2011 10:00 AM

            Panel 1


                                 Chaplin, Matt   (General Land Office), Austin, TX

                                 Clark, Ken   (Galveston County), League City, TX

                                 Diggles, Walter   Executive Director (Deep East Texas Council of Governments), Jasper,


                                 Hagood, Gary   Deputy Commissioner of Financial Management (General Land Office),

                                 Austin, TX

                                 Hudson, Denise   Chief Financial Officer (Department of Public Safety), Austin, TX

                                 Irvine, Tim   Executive Director (Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs),

                                 Austin, TX

                                 Kidd, Nim   (Department of Public Safety), Austin, TX

                                 McDonald, Ronnie   County Judge, Bastrop County (Texas Association of Regional

                                 Councils), Bastrop, TX

                                 O'Grady, Thomas   Division President (HNTB Corporation), Austin, TX

                                 Osborn, Anne   Attorney (General Land Office), Austin, TX

                                 Patterson, Ben   (Department of Public Safety), Austin, TX

                                 Patterson, Jerry   Commissioner (General Land Office), Austin, TX

                                 Thompson, John   County Judge, Polk County (County Judges and Commissioner's

                                 Association), Livingston, TX

                                 Wilson, Eric   Assistant City Manager (City of Galveston), Galveston, TX

                  Registering, but not testifying:


                                 Graham, Jeff   Division Chief, Financial and Tax Litigation (Texas Attorney General),

                                 Austin, TX

                                 Linder, Kelly   (Texas State Auditor's Office), Austin, TX

                                 Patrick, Sterling   Housing and Grants Administrator (City of Galveston), Galveston, TX

                                 Pigott, Ron   Director, Texas Procurement and Support Services (Comptroller of Public

                                 Accounts), Austin, TX

                                 Timberlake, James   Audit Manager (Texas State Auditor's Office), Austin, TX

            Panel 2


                                 Bragiel, Justin   General Counsel (Texas Hotel and Lodging Association), Austin, TX

                                 Mintz, David   (Texas Apartment Association), Austin, TX

                                 Pendleton, D.J.   Executive Director (Texas Manufactured Housing Association), Austin,


                                 Rodriguez, Stella   Executive Director (Texas Association of Community Action Agencies),

                                 Austin, TX

            Panel 3


                                 Danenfelzer, David   (Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation), Austin, TX

                                 Henneberger, John   Co-Director (Texas Low Income Housing Information Service),


                                                                              WITNESS LIST

            Intergovernmental Relations

            November 2, 2011 10:00 AM

                                 Austin, TX

                                 Mitchell-Bennett, Nick   (Community Development Corporation at Brownsville),

                                 Brownsville, TX