State Affairs Committee

            September 27, 2012 - 1:00 PM

            Interim charge regarding state procurement


                                 Bishop, Ann (ERS)

                                 Brantz, Gary (Health Care Service Corporation (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas))

                                 Chaplin, Matt (TX General Land Office)

                                 Dukes, Aundre (Texas Facilities Commission)

                                 Guthrie, Brian (Teacher Retirement System of Texas)

                                 James, Joe (Texas General Land Office)

                                 Jones, Jennifer (Sunset Commission)

                                 Keel, John (Texas State Auditor's  Office)

                                 Keel, Terry (Texas Facilities Commission)

                                 Kukla, Robert (ERS)

                                 Marshall, Bert (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas)

                                 Pigott, Ron (Comptroller of Public Accounts, TPASS Division)

                                 Quirk, Tom (United Healthcare)

                                 Robinson, Karen (Dept. of Information Resources)

                                 Zelinksky, Martin (Dept. of Information Resources)

                 Registering, but not testifying:


                                 Darr, Shyra (Texas Facilities Comm)

                                 Ehlert, Richard (Texas Facilities Commission)

                                 Green, Don (Teacher Retiruments System)

                                 Jones, Betsey (TRS)

                                 Jones, Paula (ERS)

                                 Lacy, Michael (TX Facilities Commission)

                                 Linder, Kelly (Texas State Auditor's Office)

                                 Molina, Kay (Texas Facilities Commission)

                                 Raff, John (Texas FAC. Commission)

                                 Welch, Ken (Teacher Retirement System of Texas)

                                 Young, John (State Auditor's Office)