State Affairs Committee

            February 23, 2011 30 Minutes After Final Adjournment


            Issues relating to sonograms and informed consent before an abortion.


                                 Allmon, Jennifer (Self; The Texas Catholic Conference, The Roman Catholic Bishops of


                                 Collins, Jason (Self; Reid Collins & Tsai LLP)

                                 Culwell, Lauren (Self)

                                 EVERETT, CAROL (Self)

                                 FLOWER, LINDA (Texas Physicians Resource Council)

                                 GRAHAM, ELIZABETH (Texas Right to Life)

                                 Hettinger, Ann (Concerned Women for America)

                                 Holland, Carrie (Self)

                                 HOTZE, MARGARET (Foundation For Life, Houston TX)

                                 Johnson, Abby (Self)

                                 LOVE, MIKEAI (Self)

                                 MAXIAN, MARY (Medical expert for Texas Right to Life)

                                 MYERS, JUDA (Self; CHOICES4LIFE/PRESIDENT)

                                 MYERS, MYRA (Self; OPERATION OUTCRY/ministry of women who have experienced


                                 Nuckols, Beverly (Self)

                                 Pojman, PhD, Joe (Texas Alliance for Life, Inc)

                                 Ramshur, Misty (Self)

                                 Rankin, Darlene (Self)

                                 SADLER, THREESA (Self)

                                 SAENZ, JONATHAN (Liberty Institute)

                                 Saucier, Regina (Self)

                                 Sisto Wenz, CYNTHIA (Self; CEO, The Source (Pregnancy Medical Ctr))

                                 TURNER, BECKY (Self)

                                 WARD, CHRISTIAN (Self)

                                 WILLIAMS, TERRY (Self; Central Texas Life Care/Care Net)

                                 Wright, Kyleen (Texans for Life Committee)


                                 BURKE, TERRI (ACLU of TEXAS)

                                 HASLAM, GEORGE (Self)

                                 Saslavsky, Elisa (National Council of Jewish Women)


                                 Crawford, Russell (Self)

                                 Gerstenschlager, MerryLynn (Self; Texas Eagle Forum)

                 Registering, but not testifying:


                                 ADAMS, CATHIE (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 CHUNN, WAYMAN (LIFE ADVOCATES - HOUSTON, TX)

                                 Donatto, Christopher (Texas Right to Life)

                                 Dyke, Patricia (Self)

                                 Foster, Maryann (Self)

                                 GARCiA, Betty (Self)

                                 HAIGLER, KATHY (Self)

                                 HORNE, EMILY (Texas Right to Life)

                                 KEBODEAUX, EMILY (Texas Right to Life)

                                 Maxian, Michael (Self)

                                 MCCAIG, MARK (Self)

                                 MCDANIELS, DEBRA (Self)

                                 McGee, Douglas (Self)

                                 MEYER, DINA (Texas Alliance for Life)

                                 Recine, Leslie (Self)

                                 SEAGO, JOHN (Self; Texas Right to Life)

                                 Sisto, Roman (Self)

                                 Smith, Michelle (Self)

                                 WENZ, Chris (Self)

                                 WILLIAMS, LYNN (Self)


                                 BLACK, LINDSEY (Self)

                                 Boone, Aimee (Self)

                                 CAMP, VICTORIA (Texas Association Against Sexual Assault)

                                 CLEVELAND, SARA (NARAL PRO-CHOICE TEXAS)

                                 Haverlah, Sandra (Planned Parenthood of North Texas)

                                 Reid, Susan (League of Women Voters of Texas)

                                 SHEPPARD, Joy CELESTE (Self; TAOG, SMFM, ACOG)

                                 SPEAR, SCOTT (Self; Planned Parenthood of the Texas Capital Region)

                                 TIMMARATU, MINI (Peter J. Durkin, CEO, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast)

                                 TOY, EUGENE (President, TX Assoc of Ob Gyn.)

                                 VOELLINGER, KAILEY (Self; JOSHUA PEARSON (PARTNER))


                                 CARLSON, PAT (TEXAS EAGLE FORUM)