Culture, Recreation & Tourism Committee

            October 18, 2012 - 10:00 AM

            Interim Charge #1, Invasive Aquatic Species


                                 Chilton, Earl (Texas Parks and Wildlife Department)

                                 Cook, Jerry (Institute for the Study of Invasive Species, Sam Houston State University)

                                 Rickman, Mike (North Texas Municipal Water District)

                                 Stephens, V.A. (Caddo Lake Institute)

            Interim Charge #4, Drought and Wildfire


                                 Huber, Karen (Travis County)

                                 Lindsay, David (Central Texas Water Coalition)

                                 Tedder, Jo (Central Texas Water Coalition, Burnet County Commissioners Court, and Llano

                                 County Commissioners Court)

            Interim Charge #5, Agency Oversight


                                 Boruff, Scott (Texas Parks and Wildlife Department)

                                 Gibbs, Gary (Texas Commission on the Arts)

                                 Laine, Larry (General Land Office)

                                 Leisure, Brent (Texas Parks and Wildlife Department)

                                 Rudd, Peggy (Texas State Library and Archives Commission)

                                 Sneed, John (State Preservation Board)

                                 Tucker, Kaye (General Land Office)

                                 Waters, Michael (Texas State Library and Archives Commission)