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                                                                                    WITNESS LIST

            Public Health Committee

            March 2, 2011 - 8:00 AM


            HB 411


                                 Harrington, James (Texas Civil Rights Project)

                                 Peel MD, Deborah (Patient Privacy Rights)


                                 Tanksley, Susan (Department of State Health Services)

                 Registering, but not testifying:


                                 Alexander, Troy (Texas Medical Association)

                                 Hettinger, Ann (Concerned Women for America of Texas)

                                 Saenz, Jonathan (Liberty Institute)

                                 Smith, Tonja Michelle (Concerned Women for America of Texas)


                                 Johnson, Katherine (Patient Privacy Rights)

            HB 549


                                 Moore, Susan (Self)

                 Registering, but not testifying:


                                 Setliff, Aaron (The Texas Council on Family Violence)

                                 Spann, Julia (SafePlace Travis County Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Cntr)

            HB 670


                                 Brown, Michael (Self)

                                 Carlo, John (American Heart Association, Texas Medical Association)

                                 Derise, Boyer (Flemings Prime Steakhouse)

                                 Dunnington, Joel (American Cancer Society)

                                 Foster, Kathleen (Self)

                                 Gray, James (American Cancer Society)

                                 Higgins, Carlos (Texas Silver-Haired Legislature)

                                 Huang, Philip (Austin/Travis County Health Dept. & Smokefree Texas)

                                 Johnson, Katherine (Self)

                                 Moore, Mitchell (Self)

                                 Petterson, Jacqueline (Self; American Heart Assn.)

                                 Sommers, Kristy (Self; Coalition for a Smoke Free Texas)

                                 Stafford, Trena (Texas PTA)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Brinson, Philip Robert (Fast Eddie's Billiards)


                                 Allgeyer, Rick (Health Human Services Commission)

                                 Foxhall, Lewis (UT MD Anderson Cancer Center)

                                 Kalanges, Lauri (TX Dept of State Health Serv)

                 Registering, but not testifying:


                                 Aghamalian, Brandon (City of Denton, Mayor and Council)

                                 Aghamalian, Brandon (City of Corpus Christi, Mayor and Council)

                                 Ballew, Joel (Texas Health Resources)

                                 Banks, Yannis (Texas NAACP)

                                 Banning, Tom (TX Academy of Family Physicians)

                                 Banning, Tom (TX Pediatric Society)

                                 Berger, Ed (Seton Family of Hospitals)

                                 Blackburn, Joseph (Self)

                                 Capelo, Jaime (Texas Chapter American College of Cardiology)

                                 Chatelle, Melody (Self)

                                 Devine, Teresa B (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas)

                                 Eugene, Darrick (TX Carbon Capture & Storage Assoc.)

                                 Finley, Marisa (Scott & White Center for Healthcare Policy)

                                 Fredriksen, Amanda (AARP)

                                 Galligher, Duane (Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce)

                                 Galligher, Duane (Association of Substance Abuse Programs of TX)

                                 Gomez, Edward (Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce)

                                 Gonzalez, Liza (Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce)

                                 Hutton Bibiahaus, Lauren (Livestrong)

                                 Jackson, Richie (Texas Restaurant Association)

                                 Kemptner, Sara (Aetna)

                                 Lane, Lee (Texas Asso. of Local Health Officials)

                                 Little, Melinda (Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids)

                                 Malone, Mark (Humana Health Plans)

                                 Martinez, James (The American Lung Association)

                                 Marwitz, David (Texas Dermatalogical Society)

                                 Metzger, Luke (Environment Texas)

                                 Moore, Ruby (Self)

                                 Nava, Mary (Bexar County Medical Society)

                                 Olson, Anne (TX Baptist Christian Life Commission)

                                 Pearson, David (Texas Organization of Rural & Community Hospitals)

                                 Power, David (Public Citizen)

                                 Reed, Cyrus (Lone Star Chapter Sierra Club)

                                 Rivas, Andrew (TX Catholic Conference)

                                 Rodas, Claudia (American Cancer Society)

                                 Romo, Joel (TX Public Health Coalition)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Romo, Joel (American Heart Association)

                                 Rose, Denise (Texas Hospital Association)

                                 Rose, Lauren (Texans Care For Children)

                                 Ross, Susan (Texas Dental Association)

                                 Ruckel, Mari (Texas oil and gas association)

                                 Sabo, Jason (United Ways of Texas)

                                 Saenz, Gabriela (CHRISTUS Health)

                                 Sanders, Morgan (March of Dimes)

                                 Shelton, Emily (Texas Impact)

                                 Smith, Andrew (University Health System)

                                 Sperry, Bryan (Children's Hospital Association of Texas)

                                 Stern, Sylvia (Self)

                                 Weinberg, David (Texas League of Conservation Voters)

                                 Willmann, James (Texas Nurses Association)

                                 Wilson, Stacy (Community Care)

                                 Wolfe, Jared (Texas Association of Health Plans)

                                 Woomer, Eric (Texas Wings, Inc.)


                                 Bresnen, Steve (Coalition for the Survival of Charitable Bingo)

                                 Dewitt, Cathy (Texas Association of Business)

                                 Fenoglio, Stephen (Texas Charity Advocates)

                                 Mallette, Cindy (Americans for Prosperity)


                                 Harmonson, Penny (Department of State Health Services)

                                 Valadez, Adolfo (TX. Dept. State Health Services)