Pensions, Investments & Financial Services Committee

            April 26, 2011 - 2:00 PM or upon final adjourn./recess


            HB 2261


                                 Fuelberg, Ann (ERS)

                                 Guthrie, Brian (TRS)

                                 Lacy, David (Employees Retirement System of Texas)

                 Registering, but not testifying:


                                 Hymel, Ray (Texas Public Employees Association (TPEA))


                                 Bosse, Portia (Texas State Teachers Assn)

                                 Canales-Zarate, Eyna (TEXPERS)

                                 Haney, Julie (TX Assoc. of Community Schools)

                                 Higgins, Mike (Texas State Association of Fire Fighters)

                                 Holt, David (City of Odessa)

                                 Patrick, John (Texas AFL CIO)

                                 Rogers, Don (Texas Rural Education Assn.)

                                 Wright, Howell (Self)

            HB 2506


                                 Heflin, Talmadge (Texas Public Policy Foundation)


                                 Clark-Bradley, Vicki (Texas State Employee's Union)

                                 Cunningham, Leslie (Self; Texas State Employees Union)

                                 Fickel, Ann (TX Classroom Teachers Assoc.)

                                 Floyd, Beaman (Texas Association of School Administrators, Texas Association of School

                                 Boards, Texas Community College Teachers Association)

                                 Hymel, Ray (Texas Public Employees Association)

                                 Kilpatrick, Genie (Self)

                                 Larson, Jamie (Milam County Retired Teachers)

                                 Lee, Tim (TX Retired Teachers Assn.)

                                 Leslie, Reuben (Self)

                                 Melina Raab, Ted (Texas AFT (American Federation of Teachers))

                                 Rogers, La Vonne (Self)

                                 Rogers, Tom (Austin RTA Legislative Committee)

                                 Rogers, William (Texas State Employees Union)

                                 Sanderson, Josh (Association of TX Professional Educators)

                                 Stewart, Bob (Self; Texas State Employees Union)

                                 White, Denise (Self)

                                 Wilkison, Charley (Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas, CLEAT)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Fuelberg, Ann (ERS)

                                 Jung, Ronnie (Teacher Retirement System)

                                 Lacy, David (Employees Retirement System of Texas)

                 Registering, but not testifying:


                                 Ayers, James (Self)

                                 Bosse, Portia (Texas State Teachers Assn.)

                                 Bradley, Charles (Self)

                                 Budak, Patricia (Self)

                                 Cardenas, Melva (Texas Association of School Personnel Administrators)

                                 Carpenter, Bill (Self; Texas Council of Administrators of Special Education)

                                 Dahlberg, Warner (Self)

                                 Drummond, Marie (Self)

                                 Haney, Julie ((TACS) Tx Assoc. of Community Schools)

                                 Hubert, James (Self)

                                 Kilpatrick-Ayers, Patricia (Self)

                                 Knolle, Janie (Self)

                                 Larson, Susan (Self)

                                 Norris, Sheri (Self)

                                 Osobase, Derrick (Texas State Employees Union)

                                 Patrick, John (Texas AFL CIO)

                                 Pike, John (Texas Department of Public Safety Officers Association)

                                 Rogers, Don (Texas Rural Education Assn.)

                                 Wright, Howell (Self)