Higher Education Committee

            February 21, 2012 - 10:00 AM


            Interim Charge: Transfer Pathways


                                 Bailey, Guy (Texas Tech University)

                                 Bourgeois, Eugene (Texas State University)

                                 Carpenter, Richard (Lone Star College System / Texas Association of Community Colleges)

                                 Clarke, Jimmy (HCM Strategists)

                                 Fisher, Joe (Career Colleges and Schools of Texas)

                                 Hadley, Erma J (Tarrant County College District)

                                 Harmon, William W. (Houston Community College)

                                 Helmcamp, Leslie (Center for Public Policy Priorities)

                                 Hermosura, Lorna (Self)

                                 Hooten, Samantha (Texas Woman's University)

                                 Jamil, Hasan (Texas Southern University)

                                 Lerner, Barbara (Texas Woman's University)

                                 Nelson, James (Tuning Councils of THECB)

                                 Paredes, Raymund (Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board)

                                 Rawlins, Lane (UNT)

                                 Rhodes, Richard (Texas Association of Community Colleges)

                                 Spence, David (Southern Regional Ed Board)

                                 Stuart, Ann (Texas Woman's University)

                                 Vance, Brandon (Texas Woman's University)