Appropriations - S/C on Articles VI, VII, & VIII Committee

            February 16, 2011 - 7:00 AM


            House Budget Recommendations


                                 Reed, Cyrus (Sierra Club, Lone Star Chapter)

                                 Willman, James (Texas Nurses Association)


                                 Alonzo, Janie (Tx St Bd of Podiatric Medical Examiners)

                                 Ames Jones, Elizabeth (Railroad Commission of Texas)

                                 Beck, Deeia (Office of Public Insurance Counsel)

                                 Bordelon, Rod (Division of Workers Compensation; Dept. of Insurance)

                                 Branaman, Tim (Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists)

                                 Ditucci, Frank (Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying)

                                 Dodson, Gay (Texas State Board of Pharmacy)

                                 Fenner, Mark (Texas Racing Commission)

                                 Geeslin, Mike (Department of Insurance)

                                 Harris-Curtsinger, Shelley (Texas Racing Commission)

                                 Kloeris, Chris (Texas Optometry Board)

                                 Kuntz, William (Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation)

                                 Lee, Sherry (Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists)

                                 Makan, Hemant (Texas State Board of Podiatric Medical Examiners)

                                 Maline, John (Executive Council of PT/OT Examiners)

                                 Matson, Arthur (Executive Council of PT/OT Examiners)

                                 Maxwell, Robert (Board of Plumbing Examiners)

                                 Oldmixon, Douglas (TREC & TALCB)

                                 Robinson, Mari (Texas Medical Board)

                                 Thomas, Katherine (Texas Board of Nursing)

                                 Tintera, John (RRC)

                                 Trout, Chuck (Texas Racing Commission)

                                 Van Hoy, William (Texas Propane Gas Association)

                                 Waggener, Jeanne (TX State Board of Pharmacy)