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COMMITTEE:    State Affairs 

TIME & DATE:  9:00 AM, Thursday, May 05, 2011 

PLACE:        Senate Chamber 
CHAIR:        Senator Robert Duncan 



SB 1128       Jackson                
Relating to the conduct and administration of elections.

SB 1430       Duncan                 
Relating to the regulation of certain exclusive provider benefit plans.

HB 157        Raymond                 SP: West
Relating to the filing of an application for a place on the general primary election ballot.

HB 625        Solomons                SP: Carona
Relating to notice of staff leasing services company workers' compensation claim and payment information; providing an administrative violation.

HB 755        Cook                    SP: Nichols
Relating to eligibility of certain dependents for coverage under the state employee group benefits program.

HB 1061       Otto                    SP: Duncan
Relating to the expiration of certain investment authority of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas.

HB 1136       Aycock                  SP: Fraser
Relating to requiring an election authority to provide notice to certain county chairs regarding certain election activities.

HB 1545       Lewis                   SP: Watson
Relating to the authority of certain political subdivisions to change the date of their general elections.

HB 1955       Thompson                SP: Carona
Relating to contracting with a lottery operator by the Texas Lottery Commission.

Public testimony will be limited to three minutes per person.


If submitting written testimony, please provide 30 copies along with your witness affirmation card.


At the chairman's discretion the committee may take up any pending legislation.




Bills deleted after last posting:

SB 1337


** See Committee Coordinator for previous versions of the schedule **