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COMMITTEE:    Intergovernmental Relations 

TIME & DATE:  9:30 AM, Wednesday, April 06, 2011 

PLACE:        E1.028 (Hearing Room) 
CHAIR:        Senator Royce West 



SB 437        Nelson                 
Relating to residency requirements for voting in certain municipal utility district elections.

SB 446        Jackson                
Relating to encumbrances that may be fixed on homestead property.

SB 601        Rodriguez              
Relating to the authority of the El Paso County Hospital District to employ and commission peace officers.

SB 609        Rodriguez              
Relating to the exemption of certain property from municipal drainage service charges and from related ordinances, resolutions, and rules.

SB 768        Watson                 
Relating to the creation of the Rio de Vida Planning and Improvement District No. 1; providing authority to levy an assessment, impose a tax, and issue bonds.

SB 860        Rodriguez              
Relating to the power and authority of the El Paso County Hospital District to employ physicians, dentists, and other health care providers.

SB 916        Wentworth              
Relating to ad valorem tax lien transfers.

SB 942        Watson                 
Relating to the creation and financing of the Lakeway Regional Medical Center Defined Area in Travis County Water Control and Improvement District No. 17; providing authority to impose a tax and issue bonds.

SB 1002       Van de Putte           
Relating to the designation of program costs for providing bill payment assistance to certain military veterans as a necessary operating expense that is a first lien against revenue of certain electric and gas utilities' revenue securing certain public securities or obligations.

SB 1233       West                   
Relating to the promotion of efficiencies in and the administration of certain county services and functions.

SB 1243       West                   
Relating to the use of a county risk management pool by certain county and district officers instead of the execution of bonds.

SB 1341       Seliger                
Relating to the participation by a taxing unit in a suit to compel an appraisal review board to order a change in an appraisal roll.

SB 1496       Uresti                 
Relating to scope and validity of correction instruments in the conveyance of real property.

SB 1558       Carona                 
Relating to change order approval requirements for certain political subdivisions of the state.

SJR 19        Jackson                
Proposing a constitutional amendment permitting an encumbrance to be fixed on homestead property for an obligation to pay certain property owners' association fees and fines without permitting the forced sale of the homestead.



Bills deleted after last posting:

SB 373


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