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COMMITTEE:   Public Health 

TIME & DATE: Upon final adjourn./recess
Thursday, April 28, 2011 

PLACE:       E2.028 
CHAIR:       Rep. Lois Kolkhorst 


HB 722        Harless
Relating to the regulation of massage therapists, massage establishments, massage schools, and sexually oriented businesses; providing penalties.

HB 1621       Truitt                 
Relating to the licensing and regulation of diagnostic imaging facilities and fluoroscopy-guided pain management procedure centers; providing penalties.

HB 1738       Walle | et al.         
Relating to the eligibility of certain individuals for medical assistance on confinement in, placement in, detention in, or commitment to and release from certain facilities and other settings.

HB 2788       Laubenberg             
Relating to the donation of blood by persons who are at least 16 years of age.

HB 2854       Truitt                 
Relating to the employment of physicians by certain hospitals associated with nonprofit fraternal organizations.

HB 3249       Pena                   
Relating to a physician's authority to delegate prescribing acts to physician assistants.

HB 3299       Zerwas                 
Relating to services provided by a health care professional at an assisted living facility.

HB 3369       King, Susan            
Relating to the registration of certain physical therapy facilities by the Texas Board of Physical Therapy Examiners.

HB 3370       King, Susan            
Relating to the renewal of a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant license issued by the Texas Board of Physical Therapy Examiners.

HB 3536       Taylor, Van            
Relating to determining eligibility for indigent health care.

HB 3537       Taylor, Van            
Relating to collecting information and requiring reimbursement from certain recipients of certain public benefits.

HCR 96        Veasey | et al.        
Urging the United States Congress to divert funds from corn subsidies to the production of fruits and vegetables.

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