COMMITTEE:   Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence 

TIME & DATE: 2:00 PM or upon final adjourn./recess
Monday, April 04, 2011 

PLACE:       E2.010 
CHAIR:       Rep. Jim Jackson 


HB 911        Berman | et al.
Relating to the application of foreign laws and foreign forum selection in this state.

HB 929        Darby                  
Relating to the execution docket and other records of certain court clerks.

HB 1111       Hartnett | et al.      
Relating to a tenant's failure to pay rent during an appeal of an eviction for nonpayment of rent.

HB 1229       Legler                 
Relating to equal parenting orders in suits affecting the parent-child relationship.

HB 1381       Madden                 
Relating to the service of civil process on an inmate of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

HB 1418       Hughes                 
Relating to inmate litigation.

HB 1559       Davis, Sarah | et al.  
Relating to a prohibition on the destruction of certain court documents.

HB 1771       Madden                 
Relating to the establishment of the Specialty Courts Advisory Council.

HB 1835       Hartnett               
Relating to trusts.

HB 1837       Hartnett               
Relating to guardianships and alternatives to guardianship for persons who have physical disabilities or who are incapacitated.

HB 1911       Bonnen                 
Relating to the liability of certain persons for damages arising from training exercises to prepare the persons to respond to certain emergencies.

HB 1985       Turner                 
Relating to the collection of criminal and civil court costs, fees, and fines by a municipality or county.

HB 2046       Hartnett               
Relating to decedents' estates.

HB 2132       Reynolds               
Relating to the creation of magistrates in certain counties.

HB 2421       Thompson               
Relating to determinations of paternity; creating an offense.

HB 2488       Scott                  
Relating to access to a child's medical records by the child's attorney ad litem, guardian ad litem, or amicus attorney.

HB 2489       Scott                  
Relating to the discoverability and admissibility of communications of sympathy in certain civil or administrative actions against a health care provider or physician.

HB 2508       Lewis                  
Relating to immunity and liability issues regarding unincorporated charitable organizations, charitable organizations that utilize self-insured retentions in their insurance coverage, and charitable organizations that utilize Lloyd's plans and indemnity policies.

HB 2899       Hartnett               
Relating to decedents' estates.

HB 2900       Hartnett               
Relating to guardianships.

HB 2935       Castro                 
Relating to the appointment of a court reporter by a criminal law magistrate in Bexar County.

HB 2936       Castro                 
Relating to the administration of district courts in Bexar County.

HB 2976       Hunter                 
Relating to the recording of proceedings and the issuance of a warrant to take physical custody of a child in certain suits affecting the parent-child relationship; creating an offense.

HB 3027       Weber | et al.         
Relating to the application of foreign laws and foreign forum selection in this state.

HB 3174       Madden                 
Relating to the stay of recognition or enforcement of a foreign country judgment to allow for de novo review of a contract or agreement for a sale, offer for sale, or sell under the Securities Act.

HB 3311       Carter                 
Relating to the duty of an attorney ad litem appointed for a child to meet with the child or individual with whom the child resides before each court hearing.

HB 3314       Carter                 
Relating to a requirement that an attorney ad litem appointed for a child file a statement with the court regarding the attorney ad litem's meeting with the child or other specified person.



Bills deleted after last posting:

HB 693


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