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COMMITTEE:   Government Efficiency & Reform 

TIME & DATE: 10:30 AM or upon final adjourn./recess
Thursday, March 10, 2011 

PLACE:       E1.014
CHAIR:       Rep. Bill Callegari 


HB 679        Button
Relating to change order approval requirements for certain political subdivisions of the state.

HB 611        Murphy | et al.
Relating to the provision of certain professional services by certain governmental entities.

HB 1245       Callegari
Relating to the repeal of the authorization to establish a super collider facility research authority.

HB 1247       Callegari
Relating to the repeal of certain prohibitions on purchases of paper supplies and cabinets by state agencies.

The Chair reserves the privilege to call bills out of order of the agenda based on witness availability and the business needs of the committee.


Although written testimony will not be considered a part of the record,

persons wishing to distribute handouts may do so by providing no fewer

than 15 copies to the Committee Clerk when called to testify.