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COMMITTEE:   Economic & Small Business Development 

TIME & DATE: 8:00 AM, Thursday, April 14, 2011 

PLACE:       E2.014 
CHAIR:       Rep. John Davis 



The committee will meet to consider the following:


HB 276        Alonzo                 
Relating to the minimum wage.

HB 785        Davis, Yvonne          
Relating to restrictions on the use of state funds to benefit private entities that outsource jobs to foreign countries.

HB 1432       Strama                 
Relating to the creation, operation, and funding of the Texas Sustainable Youth Program.

HB 1747       Veasey                 
Relating to retaliation as an unlawful employment practice.

HB 2955       Legler                 
Relating to liability for obtaining improper unemployment compensation benefits.

HB 3574       Torres                 
Relating to the Texas Back to Work initiative.