Subcommittee on Interim Charge #8

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

10:00 AM

Capitol Extension, Room E1.012




Pursuant to a notice posted in accordance with Senate Rule 11.10 and 11.18, a public hearing of the Senate Committee on Natural Resources Subcommittee on Interim Charge #8 was held on Wednesday, November 28, 2012, in the Capitol Extension, Room E1.012, at Austin, Texas.







Senator Robert Nichols, Chair


Senator Kevin Eltife

Senator Bob Deuell












Senator Robert Nichols, Chair, called the meeting to order at 10:00 AM. There being a quorum present, the following business was transacted:


Senator Nichols gave opening remarks and a synopsis of the issue before the Subcommittee.† Senator Watson also provided opening remarks.

Senator Nichols recognized the attendance of Senator Watson and Senator Hinojosa.


The Subcommittee heard invited testimony from the following witnesses:

Panel 1-

††††††††††† -Donna Nelson, Chairwoman, Public Utility Commission

††††††††††† -Sheri Givens, Public Counsel, Office of Public Utility Counsel

Panel 2-

††††††††††† -Charles Profilet, SouthWest Water Company

††††††††††† -Robert Laughman, Aqua Texas

††††††††††† -Palle Jensen, San Jose Water

††††††††††† -Shelly Young, Water Engineers


Panel 3-

††††††††††† -Orville Bevel, Texans Against Monopoliesí Excessive Rates

††††††††††† -David Frederick, Texans Against Monopoliesí Excessive Rates

††††††††††† -Geoffrey Miller, Coalition for Equitable Water Rates

††††††††††† -Mayor Jack Brockhouse, Coalition of Cities

††††††††††† -Larry Westfall, Hill Country Protest Group to the Aqua Texas Southwest Region


Public testimony was taken on Interim Charge #8.† All witnesses are shown on the attached list.


There being no further business, at 12:42 PM Senator Nichols moved that the Subcommittee on Interim Charge #8 stand recessed subject to the call of the chair. Without objection, it was so ordered.





Senator Robert Nichols, Chair




Amy Jeter, Clerk