School Finance Weights, Allotments & Adjustments, Select
October 13, 2010 - 09:00 AM
Panel 1
Anderson, David   General Counsel (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Education Agency),  Austin, TX
Dawn-Fisher, Lisa   Deputy Assoc Comm for School Finance (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Education Agency),  Austin, TX
Panel 2
Clark, Catherine   Associate Executive Director (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Association of School Boards),  Austin, TX
Heflin, Talmadge   Director, Center For Fiscal Policy, TPPF (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Public Policy Foundation),  Austin, TX
Pierce, Wayne   Executive Director (also providing written testimony)  (Equity Center),  Pflugerville, TX
Tauer, Timothy M   CEO (also providing written testimony)  (Education Resource Group Inc.),  The Woodlands, TX
Public Testimony
Parrish, Deborah L.   retired Texas public school teacher for 32 years  (self (and Texas educators and students)),  San Antonio, TX
Providing written testimony:
Casey, Daniel T.   Partner, Moak Casey & Associates  (Fast Growth School Coalition),  Austin, TX