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April 1, 2010 - 02:00 PM
Legislative Committee on Aging
Barrientos, Gonzalo   (PC IIIs),  Austin, TX
Burns, Gaines   CEO  (Elite PHC Corp),  Los Fresno, TX
Fredriksen, Amanda   Dir. of Advocacy (also providing written testimony)  (AARP),  Austin, TX
Jesse, Gary   (Department of Aging and Disability Services),  Austin, TX
Kyker, Chris  (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Silver Haired Legislature),  Abilene, TX
McGhee, Richard   AAA Director (also providing written testimony)  (Central Texas ADRC),  Belton, TX
Ramirez, Martha   (BAAA/ Alamo Service Connection),  San Antonio, TX
Spinks, Martha   Director, AAA  (BAAA, Alamo Area Council of Govts),  San Antonio, TX
Stevens, Alan B.   Senior Staff, Scott and White  (Scott and White Healthcare/ Central Texas ADRC),  Belton, TX
Traylor, Chris   Commissioner  (Department of Aging and Disability Services),  Austin, TX
Wilson, Thomas   LMSW  (Central Texas Agency on Aging (VD-HCBS)),  Belton, TX