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Transportation & Homeland Security
May 3, 2010 - 09:00 AM
Interim Charge 1: Congestion & Air Quality
Munden, Lowanna   Texas Patriot  (We the "People" of Texas),  Porter, TX
Clark, Alan   MPO Director (also providing written testimony)  (Houston-Galveston Area Council),  Houston, TX
Dickerson, Daniel   President  (Association for Commuter Transportation),  Dallas, TX
Heiligenstein, Mike   Ex. Director (also providing written testimony)  (CTRMA),  Austin, TX
Hoffman, Guy   Mobile Source Programs Team Leader (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality),  Austin, TX
Holzer, Robin   Board Chair (also providing written testimony)  (Citizens Transportation Coalition),  Houston, TX
Kitchens, Jerry   L (also providing written testimony)  (Dallas County Clean Air Emissions Task Force),  Dallas, TX
Klaus, Chris   Sr. Program Manager (also providing written testimony)  (North Central Texas Council of Governments),  Arlington, TX
McBeth, John   President/CEO (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Transit Association),  Bryan, TX
Neudorff, Louis   Vice President-Iteris (also providing written testimony)  (ITS America-Sustainability Forum),  New York, NY
Quartel, Robert   Chairman, CEO (also providing written testimony)  (NTELX),  McLean, VA
Stallings, Robin   Executive Director (also providing written testimony)  (BikeTexas),  Austin, TX
Stine, Mark   Special Projects Coord (also providing written testimony)  (BikeTexas),  Austin, TX
Providing written testimony:
Goodman, Barry   (Texas Transit Association),  Houston, TX
Huff, Donna   Manager  (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality),  Austin, TX
Interim Charge 12: Disaster Preparedness & Response
Boggus, Tom   Director (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Forest Service),  College Station, TX
Koenig, Robert   State IMT Coordinator (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Forest Service),  College Station, TX
Lewis, Carol   Associate Professor/Director  (Texas Southern University National Transportation Security Center of Excellence),  Houston, TX
Steiner, Daniel   Director J3 (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Military Forces),  Austin, TX
Suiter, Wes   County Judge (also providing written testimony)  (Angelina County),  Lufkin, TX
Thomas, Lyda Ann   Mayor (also providing written testimony)  (City of Galveston),  Galveston, TX
Interim Charge 8: Overweight Vehicles
Rattei, Tony   Custom Harvester (also providing written testimony)  (USCHI-Western Peanut Growers),  Seminole, TX
Winegamer, Josh   Director of Government Relations  (Texas Cattle Feeders Association),  Amarillo, TX
Allison, Jim   General Counsel (also providing written testimony)  (County Judge & Commissioners Assn. of TX),  Austin, TX
Bailey, Rick   Commissioner  (Johnson County),  Cleburne, TX
Barton, John   Asst ED - Engineering Operations (also providing written testimony)  (TxDOT),  Austin, TX
Dickey, Roger   Commissioner  (Houston County),  Crockett, TX
Esparza, John D   President (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Motor Transportation Association),  Austin, TX
Gee, Charles   Coordinator (also providing written testimony)  (TX Logging Council),  Lufkin, TX
Landis, Richard   President/CEO (also providing written testimony)  (HELP Inc/Prepass),  Phoenix, AZ
Machalec, Joe   Comm. PCT 2  (DE Will Co.),  Cuero, TX
McCraw, Steve   Director  (Texas Department of Public Safety),  Austin, TX
McMahen, Charles   Retired (also providing written testimony)  (Self),  Schulenburg, TX
Paben, Tom   State Director (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Farm Bureau),  Austin, TX
Perry, Pat   County Commissioner  (Houston County),  Crockett, TX
Rangnow, Alfred   Commissioner PCT 4  (DeWitt County),  Cuero, TX
Sweatman, Peter   Director (also providing written testimony)  (UMTRI),  Ann Arbor, MI
Providing written testimony:
Richardson, Jody   Attorney  (Plains All American LLP/Plains Marketing),  Austin, TX
Post Hurricane Services: Transit Dependent Citizens
Scott, Janis   (Self),  Houston, TX
Public Testimony
Kelley, Bo   President (also providing written testimony)  (Lamar University & Kelley Emergency Alert Systems),  Beaumont, TX
Knoll, Richard   V.P of Panalpina (also providing written testimony)  (Exporters Competitive Maritime Council),  Humble, TX

Rash, Jeanette   Leg. Chair (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Towing & Storage Assoc.),  Houston, TX
Smith, Jennifer   President (also providing written testimony)  (Focus Driven-Advocates for Cell-Free Driving),  Grapevine, TX
Quarterly update: Texas Department of Transportation
Saenz, Amadeo   Executive Director (also providing written testimony)  (TxDOT),  Austin, TX