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Health & Human Services
April 15, 2010 - 09:00 AM
Charge 4 & 9
Abshire, Braden   Business Analyst  (Texans),  Austin, TX
Adams, Cecelia   (People of Texas - Greenville Area Patriots),  Campbell, TX
Amerman, Matt   (Self),  San Antonio, TX
Belcher, Nora   Executive Director (also providing written testimony)  (Texas E-Health Alliance),  Austin, TX
Bell, Charles   Deputy Commissioner (also providing written testimony)  (Health and Human Services Commission),  Austin, TX
Clifton, Guy   Doctor (also providing written testimony)  (Self),  Houston, TX
Davidson, Patrick   (Self),  San Antonio, TX
Freeman, Penny   (Self),  Angleton, TX
Hellerstedt, John   Associate Chief Medical Officer (also providing written testimony)  (Seton Family of Hospitals),  Austin, TX
Henry, Suzanne   Policy Analyst  (Consumers Union),  Austin, TX
Medina, Debra  (also providing written testimony)  (We Texans),  Wharton, TX
Meza, Fausto   Doctor (also providing written testimony)  (Doctors Hospital of Renaissance),  Edinburg, TX
Milam, Susan   Director of Government Relations  (National Association of Social Workers - Texas Chapter),  Austin, TX
Nies, Colette   Government Relations  (National Association of Social Workers),  Austin, TX
Palmer, Stephen   Director of E-Health Coordination (also providing written testimony)  (Health and Human Services Commission),  Austin, TX
Roberts, William   Chief Strategy & Development Officer  (Baylor Health Care System),  Dallas, TX
Schneider, Joseph   Doctor (also providing written testimony)  (Medicaid/Chip HIE Advisory Committee, Texas Medical Association),  Austin, TX
Senteio, Charles   President and Chief Executive Officer (also providing written testimony)  (Namamai Services, LLC),  Dallas, TX
Sternberg, Manfred   Chairman (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Health Services Authority),  Houston, TX
Van Wagner, Karen   Executive Director (also providing written testimony)  (North Texas Specialty Physicians, Sandlot),  Fort Worth, TX
West, Starr   Senior Director, Policy Analysis (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Hospital Association),  Austin, TX
Zucker, Michael   Senior Vice President (also providing written testimony)  (Baptist Health System),  San Antonio, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Brewer, Finis   (Self),  Brownsboro, TX
Darling, Jason   (Self),  Austin, TX
Harkness, Susan   (Self),  Austin, TX
Valadez, Adolfo   Assistant Commissioner  (Texas Department of State Health Services),  Austin, TX
Providing written testimony:
Raborn, Margie   (Self),  Alleyton, TX