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Health & Human Services
February 23, 2010 - 09:00 AM
Charge #12
Borel, Dennis   Executive Director  (Coalition of Texans with Disabilities),  Austin, TX
Bradberry, Anita   Executive Director (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Association for Home Care and Hospice),  Austin, TX
Broussard, Ricky   Volunteer (also providing written testimony)  (The Arc of Texas),  Houston, TX
Castle, Danette   Chief Executive Officer (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Council of Community Mental Health and Mental Retardation Centers, Inc.),  Austin, TX
Cranston, Cathy   Organizer  (Adapt of Texas/Personal Attendant Coalition of Texas),  Austin, TX
Fredricksen, Amanda   Director of Advocacy (also providing written testimony)  (AARP),  Austin, TX
Hernandez, Richard   Director of Government Relations  (EduCare Community Living Corporation),  Austin, TX
Jimenez, Gerard   Vice President  (Community Now!/Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas),  Austin, TX
Kafka, Bob   Organizer (also providing written testimony)  (Adapt of Texas),  Austin, TX
Lewis, Kathryn   Attorney (also providing written testimony)  (Advocacy Inc.),  Austin, TX
McPhail, Jennifer   Organizer  (Adapt of Texas),  Austin, TX
Murphree, Susan   Policy Services Manager (also providing written testimony)  (Advocacy Inc.),  Austin, TX
Parker, Cristin  (also providing written testimony)  (Self),  Austin, TX
Smith, Carole   Executive Director (also providing written testimony)  (Private Providers Association of Texas),  Austin, TX
Suehs, Thomas   Executive Commissioner (also providing written testimony)  (Health and Human Services Commission),  Austin, TX
Travis, Jaime  (also providing written testimony)  (The Arc of Texas),  Austin, TX
Traylor, Chris   Commissioner (also providing written testimony)  (Department of Aging and Disability Services),  Austin, TX
Tucker, Elizabeth   Director of Policy and Development (also providing written testimony)  (Every Child Inc.),  Austin, TX
Webb, Roger   Executive Director (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities),  Austin, TX
Wittie, David   President  (Community Now!),  Austin, TX
Providing written testimony:
Horton, Colleen   Program Officer  (Hogg Foundation for Mental Health),  Austin, TX
Rasco, Melissa   Regional Program Director  (Calab Inc.),  San Antonio, TX
Charge #5
Black, Rick   Orthodontist (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Dental Association),  El Paso, TX
Bogel, Marianne   Registered Nurse (also providing written testimony)  (Professional Nurses),  Helotes, TX
Boutwell, Allan   President Elect  (Texas Academy of Physician Assistants),  Austin, TX
Buckingham, Dawn   Physician  (Patients First Coalition),  Austin, TX
Capan, Patrice   Clinical Nurse Specialist (also providing written testimony)  (Self),  Lakewood Village, TX
Conditt, Rebecca   Director (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Rural Health Association),  Austin, TX
Elliot, Tricia   (Texas Academy of Family Physicians),  Austin, TX
Eschbach, Karl   Professor (also providing written testimony)  (Office of State Demographer),  Galveston, TX
Green, Alexia   Professor (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Team Addressing Nursing Education Capacity),  Ransom Canyon, TX
Hammon, Rachel   Director of Regulatory Affairs and Clinical Practice (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Association for Home Care and Hospice),  Austin, TX
Jeffreys, Holly   Family Nurse Practitioner  (Self),  Amarillo, TX
Jekot, Jeff   (Patients First),  Austin, TX
Martin, Eddie   EMS Director  (Crockett County EMS/Texas Ambulance Association),  Ozona, TX
McBeath, Don   (Texas Organization of Rural Community Hospitals),  Austin, TX
McHorse, Paul   President  (Texas Academy of Anesthesiologists Assistants),  The Woodlands, TX
Milam, Susan   Director of Government Relations  (Texas Chapter - National Association of Social Workers),  Austin, TX
Moreno, Alejandro   Member  (Texas Chapter of the American College of Physicians),  Austin, TX
Murphy, Douglas   President (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Society of Allied Health Professions),  San Antonio, TX
Nies, Colette   Government Relations Intern  (National Association of Social Workers),  Austin, TX

Ragain, Michael   Chairman (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Medical Association),  Lubbock, TX
Raimer, Ben   Chair (also providing written testimony)  (Statewide Health Coordinating Council),  Galveston, TX
Silverman, Stacey   Director, Academic Research and Grants (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board),  Austin, TX
Sportsman, Susan   President (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Nurses Association),  Austin, TX
Stultz, Dan   President/CEO (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Hospital Association),  Austin, TX
Thomas, Katherine   Executive Director (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Board of Nursing),  Austin, TX
Wait, Dudley   EMS Director (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Ambulance Association/Schertz EMS),  Schertz, TX
Woolbert, Lynda   Executive Director (also providing written testimony)  (Coalition for Nurses in Advanced Practice),  West Columbia, TX
Yates, Dee   (Self; Psychology),  San Antonio, TX
Young, Elizabeth   Health Care Policy Analyst (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Public Policy Foundation),  Austin, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Cranston, Cathy   Organizer  (Adapt of Texas),  Austin, TX
McPhail, Jennifer   Community Organizer  (Adapt of Texas),  Austin, TX
Peet, Nelson   (Adapt of Texas),  Austin, TX
Stacey, Franklin   (Adapt of Texas/Community Now!),  Austin, TX
Steele, Burrell   (Self; Adapt of Texas),  Austin, TX
Steele, Mary   (Self; Adapt of Texas),  Austin, TX
Providing written testimony:
Bradberry, Anita   Executive Director  (Texas Association for Home Care and Hospice),  Austin, TX
Coburn, Katie   Policy and Research Coordinator  (Texas Association of Community Health Centers),  Austin, TX
Hennigan, Mary   Executive Director  (Texas Occupational Therapy Association),  Austin, TX
Saxton, Josette   Mental Health Policy Associate  (Texans Care for Children),  Austin, TX
Sperry, Brian   President  (Children's Hospital Association of Texas),  Austin, TX
Travis, Jamie   (The Arc of Texas),  West Columbia, TX