Criminal Justice
July 8, 2010 - 09:00 AM
Interim Charge 2
Hill, Lauretta   Deputy Chief (also providing written testimony)  (City of Arlington),  Arlington, TX
Jimenez, Edward   (Self),  San Antonio, TX
McAfee, Jamie   (Self),  Burnet, TX
Lewis, Bill   Public Policy Liaison (also providing written testimony)  (Mother Against Drunk Driving),  Argyle, TX
Acevedo, Art   Chief of Police (also providing written testimony)  (Austin Police Department),  Austin, TX
Allen, Kristi   Director of Coalitions  (Community Coalitions of Greater Houston),  Houston, TX
Bratcher, Scott   Lieutenant (also providing written testimony)  (Dallas Police Department),  Dallas, TX
Chatham, Donna   (Self),  Cedar Park, TX
Edmonds, Shannon   (Texas District And County Attorneys Association),  Austin, TX
Hibbs, Brittany   Public Policy Liaison (also providing written testimony)  (Texans Standing Tall),  Austin, TX
Hodges, David   Judicial Liaison (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Center for the Judiciary),  Austin, TX
Hughes, Jean   Judge  (County Criminal Courts),  Houston, TX
Lassalle, Paul   Senior Police Officer (also providing written testimony)  (Houston Police Department),  Houston, TX
Leineweber, Glenn   (Self),  Canyon Lake, TX
Mayfield, Kenneth   County Commissioner  (Dallas County & Dallas County DWI Task Force),  Dallas, TX
McCraw, Steven   Director  (TX Department of Public Safety),  Austin, TX
Pinney, Leah   Fair Defense Director (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Criminal Justice Coalition),  Austin, TX
Waldrip, Dib   Judge  (433 rd Judicial District Court),  New Braunfels, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Cooper, Kevin   Legislative Liaison  (TX Police Chiefs Association),  Austin, TX
Providing written testimony:
Adams, Vickie   (Self),  New Braunfels, TX