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May 13, 2010 - 09:30 AM
Interim Charge One
Adams, Bill   Mayor Pro Tem  (Self),  Sachse, TX
Ansbach, John   Legislative Director  (US Organization of Bankruptcy Alternatives),  Frisco, TX
Comstock, Jeffrey L.   Vice President of Operations  (Better Business Bureau),  Manor, TX
Dyer, Jay   Special Assistant and Senior Counsel  (The Office of the Attorney General),  Austin, TX
Johnson, Scott   CEO (also providing written testimony)  (US Debt Resolve),  Dallas, TX
Kerr, Michael   Legislative Director (also providing written testimony)  (National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws),  Chicago, IL
Langley, Bill   Regional Director of Education (also providing written testimony)  (Money Management International),  Fort Worth, TX
Meek, Jeffrey   Senior Vice President  (US Debt Resolve),  Arlington, TX
Merkle, George   President and CEO  (Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Greater San Antonio),  San Antonio, TX
Miskew, Doug   Director, Government Affairs  (CareOne Services, Inc.),  Columbia, MD
Parker, Doug   CEO (also providing written testimony)  (RMCN Credit Services),  McKinney, TX
Pettijohn, Leslie   Commissioner (also providing written testimony)  (Consumer Credit Commissioner),  Austin, TX
Williams, Paul   Vice Chairman and CFO  (Halo Companies, Inc.)
Young, Wesley   Legislative Director  (The Association of Settlement Companies),  Plano, TX