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May 26, 2010 - 10:00 AM
Agenda Item #1 - Current Transportation Revenues
Ellis, David   Research Scientist (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Transportation Institute),  College Station, TX
Galvan, Thomas   LBB Staff (also providing written testimony)  (LBB),  Austin, TX
Lomax, Bryant   Manager Tax Policy (also providing written testimony)  (Comptroller of Public Accounts),  Austin, TX
Agenda Item #2 - Historical Funding Strategies
Barton, John   Asst. Executive Director - Engineering OPS  (Texas Department of Transportation),  Austin, TX
Bass, James   Chief Financial Officer (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Department of Transportation),  Austin, TX
Delisi, Deirdre   Chair (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Transportation Commission),  Austin, TX
Morris, Michael   Director of Transportation (also providing written testimony)  (NCTCOG),  Dallas, TX
Simmons, Steven   Deputy Executive Director (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Department of Transportation),  Austin, TX
Agenda Item #3 - Alternative Transportation Funding Concepts
Franke, Rob   Mayor, Chair of DRMC (also providing written testimony)  (DRMC),  Cedar Hill, TX
Hawley, Judy   Port Commissioner, POCC  (POCC, Transportation Advocates, TX, Alliance I-69),  Corpus Christi, TX
Suhm, Vic   Consultant (also providing written testimony)  (North Texas Commission & Tarrant Regional Transportation Coalition),  Grapevine, TX
Public Testimony
Borel, Mel   (Self),  San Antonio, TX
Finger, Jack   (Self),  San Antonio, TX
Hall, Terri   Business Owner/Homemaker (also providing written testimony)  (Texas TURF),  San Antonio, TX
Self, Keith   County Judge  (Collin County),  McKinney, TX
Providing written testimony:
McDonald, Nancy   Regional Outreach  (Central Texas Transportation Coalition),  Austin, TX