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March 10, 2010 - 09:00 AM
Interim Charge #1
Alonzo, Arturo   Deputy Commissioner  (Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board),  Austin, TX
Barton, John   Financial Analyst  (Bond Review Board)
Bass, James   Chief Financial Officer  (Texas Department of Transportation),  Austin, TX
Burns, Dwight   (TPFA)
Dawn Fisher, Lisa   Deputy Assoc Comm for State Funding  (Texas Education Agency),  Austin, TX
DeBerry, Drew   Deputy Commissioner  (Texas Department of Agriculture),  Austin, TX
Frels, Jonathan   Attorney  (Texas Attorney General's Office),  Austin, TX
Galvan, Thomas   LBB Staff  (LBB)
Good, Judy   Senior Financial Analyst  (Texas Bond Review Board)
Griess, Jr., Thomas   Attorney  (Office of Attorney General)
Havel, Christy   LBB Staff  (LBB)
King, William E.   Attorney (also providing written testimony)  (Self),  Houston, TX
Kline, Robert C.   Executive Director  (Bond Review Board)
Latsha, Rob   Financial Analyst  (Bond Review Board)
Martin, Rusty   Deputy Commissioner of Funds Mgt.  (Veterans' Land Board),  Austin, TX
Parks, Ursula   LBB Staff  (LBB)
Ward, J. Kevin   Executive Administrator  (Texas Water Development Board)
Registering, but not testifying:
Callahan, Melanie   Chief Financial Officer  (TX Water Development Board)