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February 6, 2009 - 08:30 AM
SB 1
Clark, Ayanna   LBB Staff  (LBB)
Hernandez, Demetrio   LBB Staff  (LBB)
Isgur, Lea   LBB Staff  (LBB)
Jones, Jennifer   LBB Staff  (LBB)
Parks, Ursula   LBB Staff  (LBB)
Scallion, Marva   LBB Staff  (LBB)
Travis, Rick   LBB Staff  (LBB)
Wielmaker, John   LBB Staff  (LBB)
Wright, Jody   LBB Staff  (LBB)
Registering, but not testifying:
McGeady, John   LBB Staff  (LBB)
Travis, Rick   LBB Staff  (LBB)
SB 1 - Employees Retirement System
Homer, Andrew   Director of Government Relations (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Public Employees Association)
Fuelberg, Ann S.   Executive Director  (Employees Retirement System),  Austin, TX
Johnson, Jacqueline M.   Investments Director  (ERS),  Austin, TX
Whitworth, Owen   State Employee  (ERS Board of Trustees),  Austin, TX
SB 1 - Higher Education Group Insurance
Raab, Ted Melina   Legislative Agent  (Texas AFT),  Austin, TX
SB 1 - Teacher Retirement System
Gustafson, Lindsay   Director of Public Affairs (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Classroom Teachers Assoc.),  Austin, TX
Guthrie, Brian   Deputy Director, TRS  (TRS),  Austin, TX
Jung, Ronnie   Executive Director  (Teacher Retirement System),  Austin, TX
Lee, Tim   Executive Director  (Texas Retired Teachers Association),  Austin, TX
Raab, Ted Melina   Legislative Agent  (Texas AFT),  Austin, TX
Wright, Linus   Retiree  (Teacher Retirement System),  Austin, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Cohen, Leslie   Retired Teacher  (ARTA),  Austin, TX
Hise, Zora Mae   Retired Teacher  (ARTA & TRTA),  Austin, TX
Sargent, Sheila D   Retired Texas School Teacher  (Self - Austin Retired Teachers Association),  Austin, TX
Scholtz, Annie   Retired Teacher (TRTA)  (Myself - Austin Retired Teachers),  Austin, TX
Dahlberg, Warner T.   Retired Teacher  (Austin Retired Teachers Association),  Austin, TX
Rogers, LaVonne S.   Retired  (TRTA)
Providing written testimony:
Rogers, Tom   Retired Teacher Volunteer  (Austin Retired Teachers Association)
Sanderson, Josh   Lobbyist  (Association of TX Professional Educators),  Austin, TX