Intergovernmental Relations
March 18, 2009 - 09:30 AM
SB  361
Allen, Joe   (Association of Water Board Directors),  Houston, TX
Burke, John   General Manager  (Texas Rural Water Association),  Bastrop, TX
Burke, John   General Manager  (Texas Water Conservation Association),  Bastrop, TX
Howe, Mike   (Texas Section American Water Works Association),  Austin, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Cauduro, Paul   (Texas Association of Builders),  Austin, TX
Hall, Darrin   (City of Houston),  Houston, TX
Casto, Larry   (City of Dallas),  Dallas, TX
Chenoweth, Todd   Director, Water Supply Division  (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality),  Austin, TX
SB  534
Escobar, Veronica   (El Paso County),  El Paso, TX
Valenti, James   President and CEO  (El Paso County Hospital District),  El Paso, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Bresnen, Steve   (El Paso County, Texas),  Austin, TX
SB  606
Bailey, Charles   (Texas Hospital Association),  Austin, TX
McBeath, Don   (Texas Organization of Rural Community Hospitals),  Austin, TX
Norms, Chuck   (Gonzales Healthcare Susteas),  Gonzales, TX
Hernandez, Carlos   MD  (Self),  Eagle Pass, TX
Williams, Josie   MD  (Texas Medical Association),  Paris, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Pearson, David   President and CEO  (Tx Organization of Rural and Community Hospitals),  Austin, TX
Hentschel, Nancy   (Self),  Sugar Land, TX
SB  690
Douglas, Craig   (Real Estate Council of Austin),  Austin, TX
Borgelt, Robert   (Self),  Austin, TX
Ford, Mike   (Self),  Austin, TX
Hall, Karen   (Self),  Bryan, TX
Rodgers, Brian   (Changeaustin.org),  Austin, TX
Stout, Bill   (Green Party of Texas),  Austin, TX
Venable, Peggy   Director  (Americans for Prosperity),  Austin, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Barksdale, Jay   VP Government Relations  (Dallas Regional Chamber),  Dallas, TX
Carter, Janis   (Dallas Citizens Council),  Austin, TX
Girard, Chuck   Consultant  (San Antonio Real Estate Council),  Austin, TX
Martin, Jeremy   Senior Vice President, Government Relations  (Austin Chamber of Commerce),  Austin, TX
Savio, Harry   (Home Builders Association Greater Austin),  Austin, TX
Weist, Jon   VP Government Relations  (Arlington Chamber of Commerce),  Arlington, TX
Blythe, Sharon   (Self),  Austin, TX
Bradberry, Timothy   President  (Central Texas Republican Assembly),  Pflugerville, TX
Campbell, Sue Ann   (Self),  Round Rock, TX
Cannon, Edee   (Self),  Houston, TX
Curtis, Linda   Director  (Independent Texans),  Austin, TX
Davis, Paul   (Texans for Accountable Government),  Austin, TX
Doyle, Russell   (Self),  Austin, TX
Edwards, Rosemary   Travis County Rep. Party Chair  (Travis County Rep. Party),  Austin, TX
Gerstenschlager, Merrylynn   Education Liaison  (Texas Eagle Forum),  Dallas, TX
Heckler, Jeff   (Greater Edwards Aquifer Association),  Austin, TX

Hentschel, Nancy   (Self, Texas HOA Reform),  Sugar Land, TX
Krenek, Mary   (Citizens/Humans),  Austin, TX
Lentz, Michael   (Changeaustin.org),  Austin, TX
McClure, Darilynn   (Self),  San Marcos, TX
McDonald, Craig   (Texans for Public Justice),  Austin, TX
Morgan, Tommy   (Self),  Austin, TX
Reyes, Daniel   (Self),  Austin, TX
Walshak, Lynn   (Self),  Houston, TX
Young, Dana   (Self),  Humble, TX
Providing written testimony:
Davis, Macey   EVP Gov Affairs  (The Real Estate Council),  Dallas, TX
SB  764
Ott, Marc   City Manager  (City of Austin),  Austin, TX
Powell, Greg   (AFSCME Local 1624),  Austin, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Levy, Rick   (AFSCME 1624),  Austin, TX
Dewitt, Cathy   (Texas Association of Business),  Austin, TX
Desai, Deren   Assistant City Attorney  (City of Austin),  Austin, TX
SB  820
Cauduro, Paul   (Texas Association of Builders),  Austin, TX
Mintz, David   (Texas Apartment Association),  Austin, TX
Morey, Jeril   Architect  (Self),  Corpus Christi, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Brown, Jim   (Texas Affiliation of Affordable Housing Providers),  Austin, TX
Privett, Tony   (West Texas Home Builders Lubbock Apartment Association),  Lubbock, TX
SB  950
Carlisle, Kristin   Coordinator  (Housing Texas),  Austin, TX
Carriker, Steven   (Tx Assn of Community Development Corps),  Austin, TX
Chatham, Donna   Executive Director  (Association of Rural Communities in Texas),  Austin, TX
McMahon, Linda   Senior Vice President  (JP Morgan Chase Bank),  Dallas, TX
Mills, Sarah   Public Policy Specialist  (Disability Policy Consortium and Advocacy, Inc.),  Austin, TX
Sutherland Chappell, Ann   (Habitat for Humanity Texas),  Fort Worth, TX
Anderson, Edra   Associate Counsel  (Texas Association of Realtors),  Austin, TX
Hentschel, Nancy   (Self),  Sugar Land, TX
Gerber, Michael   Executive Director  (Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs),  Austin, TX
Gibson, Greg   (Texas Homeless Network),  Austin, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Arnold, Jim   (National Multiple Sclerosis Society),  Austin, TX
Brown, Jim   Executive Director  (Texas Affiliation of Affordable Housing Providers),  Austin, TX
Campbell, Sue Ann   (Self),  Round Rock, TX
Canfield, Irma   (Self),  San Antonio, TX
Casto, Larry   Legislative Director  (City of Dallas),  Dallas, TX
Daly, Richard   Board Member  (Texas Impact),  Austin, TX
Daly, Richard   Director, Community Relations  (Catholic Charities Central Texas),  Austin, TX
Del Gallo, Krista   Policy Manager  (Texas Council on Family Violence),  Austin, TX
Diaz, David   (Midland Community Development Corp),  Midland, TX
Doggett, Robert   (Texas Low Income Housing Information Service),  Austin, TX
Duran, Spencer   (Low Income people),  Austin, TX
Garrison Tate, Jeff   (Community Now),  Seguin, TX
Igo, Shanna   (Texas Municipal League),  Austin, TX
Kafka, Bob   (Self),  Austin, TX
Langendorf, Jean   Executive Director  (United Cerebral Palsy of Texas),  Austin, TX

Lovelace, Joe   (Texas Council of Community MHMR Centers),  Austin, TX
McCall Smith, Bryson   (Self),  Austin, TX
Mitchell Bennett, Nick   (Community Development Corp of Brownsville),  Brownsville, TX
Perkins, Deena   (Texas Association of Community Development Corporations),  Austin, TX
Roberts, Sherman   (Texas Association of Community Development Corp),  Dallas, TX
Romero, Jerry   (Tx Assoc of Community Development Corp),  El Paso, TX
Saenz, Danny   (Self),  Austin, TX
Salinas Valdez, Debby   (Community Now),  San Antonio, TX
Steele, Burrell   (ADAPT of Texas),  Austin, TX
Steele, Mary   (ADAPT of Texas),  Austin, TX
Talerico, Jeanne   Executive Director  (Texas Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies),  Austin, TX
Thomas, Stephanie   (ADAPT of Texas),  Austin, TX
Timenez, Gerard   (Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas),  Austin, TX
Torres, Richard   (Tx Assn of Comm Development Corps),  Austin, TX
Trevino, Tammye   (Futuro Communities, Inc),  Uvalde, TX
Turney, Paul   (Brazos Valley Affordable Housing),  Bryan, TX
Tyler, Kathy   (Self),  Austin, TX
Vanhoose, Laurie   Policy Consultant  (AARP),  Austin, TX
Vasquez, Madge   (TACDC),  Austin, TX
Wadge, Gyl   (Mental Health America of Texas),  Austin, TX
Warmly, Michelle   Executive Director  (Women Opting for More Affordable Housing Now, Inc.),  Houston, TX
Williams, Andrea   (Community Now),  Austin, TX
Wittle, David   (ADAPT of Texas),  Austin, TX
Zamarron, Lourdes   (Self),  Austin, TX
Cauduro, Paul   (Texas Association of Builders),  Austin, TX