Culture, Recreation & Tourism Committee
July  29, 2010 - 10:00 AM
Interim Charge 2
Bluntzer, Warren (Texas Deer Association)
Brown, Kirby (Texas Wildlife Association)
Bugai, Scott (Texas Deer Association)
Kinsel, Karl (Texas Deer Association)
Kroll, James  (Self)
Lockwood, Mitch (Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept.)
Interim Charge 3
Braun, David (Texas Teaming with Wildlife Coatition
Plateau Land & Wildlife Management Company)
Davis, John (Texas Parks and Wildlife Department)
Huffman, Laura (The Nature Conservancy)
Kaderka, Susan (National Wildlife Federation)
Kramer, Ken (Lone Star Chapter, Sierra Club)
Interim Charge 6
Herndon, Dealey (State Preservation Board
Governor's Mansion Restoration Project)
Pickett, Sandy (TX State Library Archives)
Rudd, Peggy (Texas State Library & Archives Commission)
Smith, Carter (Texas Parks and Wildlife Department)
Sneed, John (Preservation Board Matters)