Culture, Recreation & Tourism Committee
May  12, 2009 - 8:00 AM
HCR 188
Bivin, Jay  (Self and City of Roanoke)
Gray McPherson, Holly (City of Roanoke)
Radford, Amy (Unique Dining Designation -Roanoke)
Registering, but not testifying:
Chavez, Jason (Cowboy Chow Twisted Root Burger Co.)
Garcia, Brenda  (Self)
Granados, Evangelina  (Self)
Granados, Larry  (Self)
Southern, Carol  (Self)
Southern, Daniel  (Self)
SB  1694
Graves, Stan (Texas Historical Commission)
Oaks, Larry (Texas Historical Commission)
Wolfe, Mark (Texas Historical Commission)
SB  1929
Rector, Kenneth (Studio Motion Picture Workers of International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employess (I. A. T. S. E) Texas Local 484)
Hudgins, Bob (Texas Film Commiss.)
SCR 40
McCallum, PW (City of Grapevine)
Spencer, Sharron (City of Grapevine)