Culture, Recreation & Tourism Committee
March  4, 2009 - 2:00 PM or upon final adjourn./recess
Texas Film Commission
Hudgins, Bob (Texas Film Commission)
HB  873
Belsky, Steve (I.A.T.S.E & TXMPA)
Brown, Garry (20th Century Fox Television)
Campbell, Rebecca (Austin Film Society/Austin Studios 1900 Members)
Flournoy, JR  (Self and TXMPA)
Holt, David  (Self)
Kalai, Deena  (Self and TXMPA, Reel Women Inc.)
Kendrick, Tron  (Self)
Lewis, Adena (Smithvile Chamber of Commerce)
Linklater, Richard  (Self and Detour Film Production Writer Producer Director)
McCracken, Brewster  (Self)
Mills, Sherry  (Self)
Patack, Melissa (Motion Picture Assn of America)
Schriber, Shelly (Film Fleet & TXMPA)
Smith, Carissa (OMNI Austin Hotel Downtown)
Stokes, Don  (Self and Texas Motion Picture Alliance)
Wilson, Stanley  (Self)
Hudgins, Bob (Texas Film Commission)
Registering, but not testifying:
Atterbury, Toni  (Self)
Avery, Trish  (Self)
Basquette, Roger  (Self)
Bingaman, Marian  (Self)
Bishop, Dennis  (Self and Texas Motion Picture Alliance)
Blalock, Belinda  (Self)
Borskey, Chrissy (General Electric (GE) / NBC Universal)
Bragiel, Justin (Texas Hotel Association)
Breen, Colleen (TXMPA)
Burklund, Janis  (Self and Dallas Film Commission)
Burns, Angela  (Self)
Busa, Susan  (Self)
Caldwell, Jim  (Self and Andre Magcolo Productions 2311 Midway Road, Carrollton, TX 75006
Campbell, Murray (TXMPA)
Carson, Hunter  (Self and Bobby Goldstein Productions
Cave, Christopher  (Self)
Cernosek, David B  (Self and TXMPA
Clark, Jeffrey (Technology Association of America/ Tech America)
Clarke, Jane  (Self)
Conner, Glenn  (Self and Texas Motion Picture Alliance Texas Assn. of Film & Tape Professionals

Costello, Doug  (Self)
Dean, Gil  (Self)
Dias, Al  (Self and TXMPA)
Dupepe, Laurent  (Self)
Faucett, Gregory  (Self)
Fernandez JR, Carlos  (Self and TXMPA
Garcia, Hector  (Self and TXMPA (Board Member Former President)
Gaston-Kilgore, Kenneth  (Self)
Gibbe, Richard  (Self)
Harris, Suzanne  (Self)
Herod, Tom  (Self)
Hill-Sweet, Renee (TXMPA-Texas Motion Picture Alliance)
Hodenfield, KC  (Self)
Kelley-Albiez, Veronica  (Self)
Kennedy, Suzanne  (Self)
Kiatta, Kathleen  (Self)
Kolter, Leslie  (Self)
Lara, Rene (Texas AFL-CIO. United Labor
Legislative Committee)
Mason, Anne  (Self)
McMullen, Todd  (Self)
McWilliams, Lisa  (Self)
Mikeska, Emily  (Self and The Studios at Las Colinas
Mirka, Terri  (Self)
Moise, Elizabeth  (Self)
Page, Heather  (Self)
Patterson, John  (Self)
Potts, Garry  (Self)
Preston, Rebecca  (Self)
Richardson, Jody (Entertainment Software Association Testimony of ESA attached)
Sanaie, Kandice (Texas Association of Business)
Schrimpf, John (Panavision Dallas)
Schwarz, William (TXMPA)
Smith, Cheryl G  (Self)
Smith, Michael  (Self)
Sonders, T. Frank  (Self)
Stripling, Randolph  (Self)
Weaver, Pamela  (Self and Weaving Dreams Ent. & TXMPA
Wofford, Anthony  (Self)
Wommack, Joel  (Self)
Wurzel, Geoff (TECHNET)
Sullivan, Michael (Texans for Fiscal Responsibilty)
Smith, Leah  (Self)
HB  873 - Committee Substitute  (Thibaut)
Registering, but not testifying:
Casto, Larry (City of Dallas)