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Pensions, Investments & Financial Services Committee
February  25, 2009 - 8:00 AM
Organizational Hearing
Anderson, Wayne (RSEA)
Bosse, Portia (Texas State Teachers Assn.)
Crawford, Denise "Denny" (State Securities Board)
Eschbach, Karl (Office of State Demographer)
Fickel, Ann (TX Classroom Teachers Assoc.)
Fuelerg, Ann (Employees Retirement System)
Glass, Gene (Texas County & District Retirement System)
Hanson, Christopher (Pension Review Board)
Henry, Eric (TX Municipal Retirement System)
Homer, Andy (Texas Public Employees Association)
Ivie Miller, Lisa (Office of the Fire Fighters' Pension Commissioner Texas Emergency Services Retirement System)
Jung, Ronnie (Teacher Retirement System)
Lee, Tim (Texas Retired Teachers Association)
Melina Raab, Ted (Texas AFT)
Nye, Erle (University of Texas Investment Management Company (UTIMCO))
Osobase, Derrick (Texas State Employees Union)
Patterson, Maxie (TEXPERS)
Sanderson, Josh (Association of TX Professional Educators)
Zimmerman, Bruce (University of Texas Investment Management Company (UTIMCO))