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Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence Committee
(Subcommittee on Houston Redistricting)
November  20, 2010 - 10:00 AM
Houston Redistricting
Boykins, Roger  (Self)
Abernathy, Charles  (Self and Construction Management)
Allen, Debra  (Self and 18th Congressional District Pleasantville Com)
Almendarez, Mary (LULAC State & LULAC Council 402)
Bass, Portia  (Self)
Bowie, James  (Self and Harris Cty Pct 0192, Frederick Douglass Republican Council & True Light MBC Political Business & Tax Consultant)
Bowles, Glenda  (Self)
Bowyer, Becky  (Self)
Brady, Kevin  (Self)
Calvert, Rogene (Texas Asian American Redistricting Initiative)
Cunningham, William J.  (Self)
Faulk, John  (Self and Retired)
Flores, Laurie (La Bonita Civic Assn.)
Fuller, Gayle  (Self)
Garamillo, Robert  (Self)
Garcia, Herlinda (LULAC Dist 8)
Garza III, Baldomero (LULAC National Civil RightsCommittee)
Gonzales, Sylvia  (Self and National LULAC)
Green, Al  (Self)
Green, Gene  (Self)
Hamley, Russel (City of Jersey Village)
Harris, Tamika  (Self)
Jackson Lee, Sheila (18th Congressional District)
Johnson, Earl (Mark Antel)
Korbel, George  (Self)
Mata, Johnny N (American G.I. Forum)
Murillo, Laura (Houston Hisp.Chamber of Commerce)
Olmos, Dorothy M O  (Self and Self and HCRP Outreach)
Pate, A. J.  (Self and CPA - Retired)
Patterson, Drew  (Self)
Rich, Marvin  (Self)
Rowland, Brian (Texas State NAACP)
Sherman, Stephen  (Self and Retired)
Speck, Sue (4 cities Bunker Hill Village, Hedwig Vlg, Hilshire Vlg, Spring Valley Vlg, Hunters Creek)
Tameez, Mustafa (Asian Americans)
Vera, Alan  (Self)
Villarreal, Lillian (Precinct 1012 Chairperson)
Wygal, Shondra  (Self)
Ybarra, Edward  (Self and Tax Accountant)
Registering, but not testifying:
Antill, Robert  (Self)
Birnberg, Gerald  (Self)

Chavez, Michael  (Self and American Citizen)
Mindiola, Tatcho  (Self)
Potter, Lloyd (Office of the State Demographer)
Ramos, Mary (LULAC State)
Smith, Lester  (Self)
Zamora, Eddie  (Self)
House Redistricting
Brown, Evan (College Professor)