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Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence Committee
(Subcommittee on Richardson/UT-Dallas)
September  22, 2010 - 10:00 AM
Richardson Redistricting
Alba Martinez, Beatrice  (Self and Lulac District 3)
Baker, Bill  (Self)
Blackwell, Tom  (Self)
Bronsky, Michael  (Self and myself)
Burson, David  (Self)
Collins, Bob (Dr. Cary Israel
President, Collin College)
Dyer, Phil (City of Plano)
Floyd, John Ann  (Self and Homemaker)
Hackler, Jerry  (Self)
Hancock, Tracy (Golden Corridor Republican Women)
Harless, Barbara  (Self)
Hayes, Richard  (Self)
Hight, Dalayr  (Self and Elec Engr)
Horn, Becky (McKinney Chamber of Commerce)
Horn, Mary (Commissioners Court)
Howell, Jane D  (Self and Housewife)
Jaynes, Joe (Collin County Commissioners Court & 13 Cities)
Lacorence, Bill  (Self)
Lessner, Henry  (Self and Certified Financial Planner)
Loughmiller, Brian (City of McKinney)
McKee, Debbie  (Self and Homemaker, activist)
Midgley, Denise  (Self and Mother & Grandmother of 5 in South Collin County)
Moses, Fred (Collin County Republican Party)
Mowery, Fritz  (Self)
Noble, Candy  (Self and Homemaker)
Olcott, Mike  (Self)
Reid, Mark (Texas Tea Party Alliance)
Richard, Wayne  (Self)
Rockow, Amanda (UT Dallas)
Self, Keith (Collin County)
Shaheen, Matt (Collin County)
Silk, Laurel  (Self and Realtor - 17 yrs Collin County - 30 yr Resident)
Sivernell, Richard  (Self)
Smith, Al  (Self)
Sukut, DeeDee  (Self)
Registering, but not testifying:
Adams, Cathie  (Self)
Brands, Bob  (Self)
Brunell, Tom  (Self and Professor)
Camin, Linda  (Self)
Campbell, Bill (McKinney Chamber of Commerce
Restitution Previously Presented)
Christakos, Zodie  (Self)

Deaton, Barbara  (Self and Insurance Adjuster - Independent)
Deaton, Michael  (Self and Insurance Adjuster Independent)
Decker, John  (Self)
Dennis, Phillip  (Self and Retired)
Fink, Charles  (Self and Retired)
Fink, Sarah  (Self and Retired - Tutor Part Time)
Finkelstein, Mary Carl  (Self)
Fort, Julie  (Self and McKinney Chamber of Commerce
Giles, Charlotte  (Self)
Giles, Michael  (Self)
Jenkins, Alice  (Self)
Knapp, Gregory  (Self and Real Estate Broker)
Lewis, Rosie O.  (Self)
Maxwell, Carroll  (Self)
Parker, Carolyn  (Self)
Paulsen, Dean  (Self and Retired)
Pennington, Laurie  (Self)
Pryor, Roger  (Self)
Riccomi, Alfred  (Self)
Ricconi, Carolyn  (Self)
Smith, Richard  (Self and Retired)
Smith, Thomas  (Self and Attorney)
Terrell, Sally  (Self)
Valencia, Lila (State Demographer Office)
Valencia, Lila (State Demographers Office)
Vanderryst, (Vonnie) Von Ceile  (Self)
Vanderryst, Ander  (Self)
Westerheid, James  (Self and Retired Engineering Manager)
Wilkerson, Clancy  (Self)