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Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence Committee
(Subcommittee on Lubbock Redistricting)
August  18, 2010 - 12:00 PM
Lubbock Redistricting
Barrick, Susan  (Self)
Beauchamp, James (Midland County Republican Party)
Bosquez, Abel  (Self)
Brink, Pamela  (Self and small business owner Demo Chr)
Bruegel, Jon  (Self and Jon David Bruegel)
Burnett, Clifton  (Self)
Bye, David  (Self)
Favila, Irene  (Self)
Flores, Gilbert  (Self)
George, Mike (Odessa Chamber of Commerce)
Gore, Roland (Howard Co Dem Party)
Hatfield, Mary (SDEC SD28)
James, Clyde  (Self and Retired)
McCartt, Debra (City of Amarillo)
McDonald, Gloria  (Self)
Montgomery, Ted  (Self and Retired Professor of Agriculture)
Moore, Jason (State Republican Executive Committee Senate District 31)
Morgan, Carol  (Self and Career Counselor & Dist 84 Candidate)
Norman, Lee (Garza County)
Perkins, Jim  (Self)
Perry, John  (Self)
Porter, Pat  (Self)
Potter, Lloyd (Office of the State Demographer)
Ricketts, Robert  (Self)
Sinclair, James  (Self and Candidate County Commissioner)
Solis, Eliseo  (Self)
Street, Laura (Amarillo Chamber of Commerce)
Winn, Chris (Lubbock GOP)
Registering, but not testifying:
Chaides-Hernandez, Aurora  (Self)
Green, Bettye  (Self and Silver Haired Leg.)
Hernandez, Victor (City Council District/City of Lubbock)
Klein, Todd  (Self and Radio Show Host of Program Owner)
Mullan, Carolie (League of Women Voters of Texas)
Nicholson, Phyllis  (Self and Retired Teacher)
Scully, Lauren  (Self)
Scully, Sean  (Self and Teacher)
Settler, Roger Quannah  (Self)