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Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence Committee
January  27, 2010 - 10:00 AM
Ahmad, Janet (Homeowners for Better Building)
Cervantes, Charles  (Self)
Corrente, Dorina  (Self)
Coultress, Grace  (Self)
Coultress, James  (Self)
Crouch, Frances  (Self)
Crouch, Welsey  (Self)
Davila, Patricia  (Self)
Hentschel, Nancy  (Self)
Lisherness, Robert  (Self)
Lisherness, Terry  (Self)
Ramirez, Brian  (Self)
Ward, Angelia  (Self)
Winslow, James  (Self)
Allensworth, William  (Self)
Archer, Thomas (Homeowners of Texas)
Battaglini, Kim Bernard (Texas Association of Defense Counsel)
Beck, Deeia (Office of Public Insurance Counsel (OPIC))
Bolton, Pamela (Texas Watch)
Boyce III, John K  (Self and State Bar ADR Section)
Canterbury, Joe (AGC/TBP/Process of Business)
Caswell, Wayne (Homeowners of Texas)
Cobarruvias, John  (Self)
Fleming, John  (Self)
Kincaid, Mark (Texas Trial Lawyers Assoc.)
Kushner, Marcia  (Self)
McCrary, Robert C. (Lou)  (Self)
Mostyn, Steve (Tx. Trial Lawyers Assn.)
Munoz, Ned (Texas Association of Builders)
Naimark, Richard (American Arbitration Association)
Parker, Robert (Associated Builders and Contractors of Texas and Repcon, Inc.)
Parsley, Lee (Texans for Lawsuit Reform)
Peden, David (AGC TBB)
Schless, Mike  (Self)
Wilson, Andy (Public Citizen)