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Defense & Veterans' Affairs Committee
(Subcommittee on Border and Homeland Security Funds)
May  11, 2010 - 1:00 PM
Interim Charge #3
Armbrister, Ken (OOG)
Barboza, Ileana (State Auditor's Office)
Burnett, Christopher (CJD/OOG)
Collier, Lisa (State Auditor's Office)
Esparza, Jaime (Border Prosecutor Unit)
Flores, Peter (Texas Parks And Wildlife Law Enforcement Division)
Gabbert, Lori (Legislative Budget Board)
Gonzalez, Guillermo (Texas Parks & Wildlife Law Enforcement Division)
MacBride, Cheryl (DPS)
McCraw, Steve (Dept of Public Safety)
McNabb, Constance (The Adjutant General of TX, Jose Mayorga)
Pena, Rene (Border Prosecutor Unit)
Rodriguez, Eduardo (Legislative Budget Board)
Snoddy, Aimee (Governor's Ofc - CJD)