Government Efficiency & Accountability, Select Committee
May  12, 2010 - 9:30 AM
On purchasing state goods and services.
Cindy, Reed (Texas Department of Information Resources)
Crain, Betty (Tx A&M University System)
Huber, Stephen (Texas Facilities Commission)
Kelley, Scott (University of Texas System)
Konana, Prabhudev (The University of Texas ast Austin)
Lanier, Dustin (Council on competitive government)
Lavine, Dick (Center for Public Policy Priorities)
Parks, Sherri (Texas Dept. of Information Resources)
Pigott, Ron (Comptroller of Public Accounts -- TPASS Division)
Pulver, Wayne (Texas Legislative Budget Board)
Simmons, Steve (Texas Department of Transportation)
Werkenthin, Gregg (Tx Facilities Commission)