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Emergency Preparedness, Select Committee
May  17, 2010 - 10:00 AM
Border Security related emergencies
Diaz-Barriga, Miguel (self as "Professor of Anthropology")
Dorsey, Margaret (self as "Anthropologist")
Gonzalez, Juan (City of San Juan, Tx)
McCraw, Steven (Tx Dept of Public Safety)
Richardson, Chad (self as "Professor, Researcher, Author")
Rodriguez, Jose (Tx Dept of Public Safety)
Snider, Shawn (City of Edinburg Emergency Management)
Vale, Sam (Starr-Camargo Bridge Co.)
Weisberg-Stewart, Monica (Texas Border Colaition AND self as "Merchant")
Hurricane Preparedness
Campirano, Eduardo (Brownsville Navigation District, Port of Brownsville)
Cavazos, Johnny (County of Cameron/Judge Cascos)
Estupinan, Jeral ((NWS) National Weather Service)
Hooper, David (American Electric Power - Texas)
Olivarez, Eduardo (Hidalgo Co. Health and Human Services, Texas Association of Local health officials)
Rodriguez, Pilar (City of McAllen)
Skeen, Bill (Rio Grande Institute)
Smith, Chalres (Aransas County)
Smith, Wendy (City of McAllen)
Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico
Patterson, Jerry (General Land Office)
Pollock, Greg (Tx, General Land Office)