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Criminal Jurisprudence Committee
(Subcommittee on Victims Rights and Violence Against Women)
April  9, 2009 - 8:00 AM
HB  2630
Taylor, Jessica  (Self and Austin Chapter of the Emergency Nurses Association)
Lovelace, Joe (Texas Council of Community; Mental Health and Retardation Centers)
Carlton, Belinda (Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities)
Edmonds, Shannon (Texas District & County Attorneys Assn.)
Lewis, Kathryn (Advocacy, Incorporated)
Registering, but not testifying:
Etter, Kristin (Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association)
Noble, Shannon (Texas Counseling Association)
Wadge, Gyl (Mental Health America of TX)
HB  2924
Flores, Rebecca (Houston ISD & Dallas ISD)
Calderon, Richard  (Self)
Elam, Beverly (Texas Voices)
Hayes, Tracey (ACLU of Texas)
Lewis, Charlotte  (Self)
Molnar, Mary Sue (Texas Voices)
Batten, Randy (Tx. Dept of Public Safety)
Merchant, Scott (Texas Department of Public Safety)
Siegel, Bruce  (Self)
Taylor, Allison (Council on Sex Offender Treatment)
Registering, but not testifying:
Beneski, Amy (Texas Association of School Administrators)
Bosse, Portia (Texas State Teachers Assn)
Brownson, Amanda (Texas Social Alliance)
De Leon, Marty (San Antonio ISD)
Dornburg, Andrew (Fort Bend County District Attorney)
Exter, Monty (Association of Texas Professional Educators)
Gustafson, Lindsay (Texas Classroom Teachers Assoc.)
Lyons, Steve (Houston Police Department)
Martinez, Louann (Dr. Michael Hinojosa; Dallas ISD)
Shields, Julie (TX Assoc School Boards)
Benner, Tiffany  (Self)
Benner Jr., Arthur  (Self)
Buhrig, Herman  (Self)
Cannon, Cathy  (Self)
DeGrace, Julia  (Self)
Ezell, Martin  (Self)
Fewell, Jan  (Self)
Hosey, Charles  (Self)
Hosey, Janice  (Self)

Parker, George Parker  (Self)
Robles, Carlos  (Self)
Scheps, Lisa  (Self)
Smith, Kathy  (Self)
Stateler, Dorothy  (Self)
Tipton, Peggy  (Self)
Williams, Belva  (Self)
Woodham, Susan  (Self)
HB  2966
DeGrace, Julia  (Self and San Antonio Gender Assoc.)
Foster, Vanessa Edwards (Texas Gender Advocacy & Information Network; National Transgender Advocacy Coalition)
Koonce, Kathy  (Self)
Scheps, Lisa (Transgender Education Network of Tx)
Terrell, Randall (Equality Texas)
Gerstenschlager, MerryLynn  (Self and Texas Eagle Forum)
Saenz, Jonathan (Free Market Foundation)
Registering, but not testifying:
Acevedo, Art (Austin Police Dept)
Bojo, Leah  (Self)
Calderon, Richard  (Self)
Cannon, Cathy  (Self)
Ellis, Randall  (Self and Legacy Community Health Services)
Fewell, Jan  (Self)
French, Susan T  (Self)
Hayes, Tracey (ACLU of Texas)
Lewis, Charlotte  (Self)
Little, Alison (Texans Care For Children)
Marsh, Lindsay  (Self)
Molnar, Mary Sue  (Self)
Morris, Brian  (Self)
Schilt, Paige  (Self)
Scott, Paul  (Self and Equality Texas)
Sloan, Andrea (Texas Advocacy Project, Inc.)
Smith, Chuck  (Self)
Spratt-Anderson, Melanie  (Self)
Williams, Belva  (Self)
HB  3207
Jones, Jennifer (Legislative Budget Board)