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Appropriations-S/C on Education Committee
March  3, 2009 - 8:00 AM
LBB Recommendations
Chauvin, Michele  (Self and TAPVI - Texas Assoc. for Parents of Children with Visual Impairment)
Giarratani, Dominic (Texas Assoc. School Boards)
Guest, John (Teaching Hospitals of Texas)
Johnson, Kara (Texas Early Childhood Education Coalition (TECEC))
McDonald, Carol (Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas, Inc.)
McRoberts, Mary (Texas Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs)
Murrell, Marty (Alliance of & for Visually Impaired Texans)
Reagan-Porras, Laura (Texas Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs)
Yates, Scott (Texas Chapter of the American College of Physicians)
Garza-Nyer, Eva (Austin ISD)
Melina Raab, Ted (Texas AFT)
Rajagopalan, Keshav (Student Government  - UT Austin;
Student Body President)