Higher Education
9:00 AM, Thursday, June 24, 2010
E1.012 (Hearing Room)
Senator Judith Zaffirini
The Senate Higher Education Committee will hold a public hearing to
address the following Interim Charges:
Charge Two:
Review community college service areas to ensure that student needs are
being met in the most effective and efficient manner. Study and make
recommendations to improve the productivity and cost-effectiveness of the
community college/university model for producing baccalaureate degrees,
including identifying proven best practices; analyzing success rates of
similar cohorts of students by comparing those who begin at community
colleges with those who begin at four-year institutions; and analyzing
transfer issues including dual admissions programs and academic advising
services to facilitate a seamless transfer from two-year to four-year
institutions. Include an assessment of the role of technical and
vocational training programs and their impact on jobs.
Charge Three:
Study and make recommendations regarding improving developmental
education, which costs the state over $100 million per year, with a focus
on enhancing student success in these courses.
*Public testimony will be limited to three minutes. If submitting written
testimony or distributing handouts, please provide 15 copies, with your
name on each copy, to the committee when called to testify.