Higher Education
7:00 AM, Wednesday, April 22, 2009
E1.012 (Hearing Room)
Senator Judith Zaffirini
SB 114
Ellis | et al.
Relating to the payment of higher education tuition and fees for certain military personnel and their dependents.
SB 172
Relating to financial incentives and other assistance to develop and maintain excellence in specific programs and fields of study at public institutions of higher education.
SB 195
Relating to student Internet access to certain financial and academic information maintained by public institutions of higher education.
SB 198
Relating to requiring general academic teaching institutions to offer personal financial literacy training.
SB 326
Relating to stabilizing the amount of tuition charged to certain residents of this state by general academic teaching institutions.
SB 668
Relating to the establishment of a student mentorship pilot program at certain institutions of higher education.
SB 814
Relating to repayment assistance for certain physician education loans.
SB 1312
Relating to programs and funding to support adult and postsecondary education and workforce development at public junior colleges and public technical institutes.
SB 1412
Relating to scholarships for fifth-year accounting students.
SB 1524
Relating to a report regarding research funds received by public institutions of higher education or employees of those institutions from pharmaceutical companies.
SB 1559
Relating to the public awareness campaign promoting higher education.
SB 1561
Relating to developing a developmental education plan for students entering public institutions of higher education.
SB 1562
Relating to contracts entered into for the employment of the chief executive officer of a public institution of higher education.

SB 1600
Relating to the creation of a database to track specialized technology research projects conducted by public universities, public university research facilities, and other state institutions.
SB 1603
Relating to requiring financial disclosure concerning reports prepared by public institutions of higher education for other entities.
SB 1764
Relating to the dissemination of information regarding the cost of attending public and private institutions of higher education and regarding the availability of financial aid to assist in paying that cost.
SB 1942
Relating to performance incentive funding for public institutions of higher education and to recognition of certain student achievement on degree completion.
SB 2267
Relating to eligibility for an award through the Early High School Graduation Scholarship program.
Pending bills:
SB 9
Zaffirini | et al.
Relating to financial support and incentives for the development of national research universities and high-quality comprehensive regional universities and a review of the institutional groupings under the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board's accountability system.
SB 145
Ellis | et al.
Relating to the sale by textbook publishers of bundled instructional material for use by students at public institutions of higher education; providing a penalty.
SB 1443
Zaffirini | et al.
Relating to the academic costs charged to resident undergraduate students by general academic teaching institutions and certain reports regarding the operational costs of those institutions.
SB 1560
Duncan | et al.
Relating to the national research university fund and the allocation of amounts appropriated from the fund, the abolition of the higher education fund, and the institutional groupings established by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.
SB 2007
Relating to Prairie View A&M University's eligibility to participate in the research development fund.
Additional bills may be added to the agenda.
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Bills deleted after last posting:
SB 226
SJR 12
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