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8:30 AM, Monday, March 02, 2009
E1.036 (Finance Room)
Senator Steve Ogden
To consider the following:
SB 22
Zaffirini | et al.
Relating to exempting books purchased by university and college students from the sales tax for a limited period.
SB 144
Relating to exemptions from the sales tax for certain school supplies and instructional materials.
SB 254
Relating to the exemption of volunteer fire departments from certain motor fuel taxes.
SB 258
Relating to a requirement that certain appraisal districts provide for electronic filing of and electronic communications regarding a protest of appraised value by the owner of a residence homestead.
SB 263
Carona | et al.
Relating to the issuance by the Texas Transportation Commission of general obligation bonds for highway improvement projects.
SB 469
Carona | et al.
Relating to an exemption from ad valorem taxation of the residence homesteads of certain totally disabled veterans and to the amount of the exemption from ad valorem taxation to which a disabled veteran is entitled based on disability rating.
SB 475
Wentworth | et al.
Relating to the exemption from ad valorem taxation of property owned by certain organizations engaged primarily in performing charitable functions.
SB 505
Relating to authorizing the designation of an area adjacent to a state highway project as a transportation finance zone and requiring that the revenue from the state sales and use taxes imposed in the zone be used to pay obligations issued in connection with the project.
SB 562
Jackson, Mike
Relating to the inclusion on the exterior of an ad valorem tax bill of a statement directing the United States Postal Service to return the bill if it is not deliverable as addressed.
SB 638
Relating to the collateralization of certain public funds; providing administrative penalties.
Bills added after last posting:
SB 562
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