Public Education
upon final adjourn./recess
Tuesday, March 24, 2009
Rep. Rob Eissler
HB 130
Patrick | et al.
Relating to an enhanced quality full-day prekindergarten program provided by public school districts in conjunction with community providers.
HB 136
Villarreal | et al.
Relating to providing notification to parents of eligible children of the availability of prekindergarten classes.
HB 151
Coleman | et al.
Relating to a notification requirement if a nurse is not assigned to a public school campus.
HB 281
Relating to grants for school-based health centers.
HB 307
Relating to the provision of and funding for Saturday classes for elementary school students who fail to pass certain assessment instruments.
HB 462
Relating to the use of personal leave by a public school employee.
HB 635
Guillen | et al.
Relating to the authority of the Texas Education Agency to seek, accept, and distribute grants available for the benefit of public elementary and secondary education.
HB 636
Relating to allocation of state and federal funds for adult basic education.
HB 709
Relating to the award of stipends to nationally certified classroom teachers under the educator excellence awards program.
HB 710
Rose | et al.
Relating to placing the State Board of Education under periodic review by the Sunset Advisory Commission.
HB 828
Hochberg | et al.
Relating to a grant available to school districts to provide services to students with disabilities.
HB 829
Relating to the jurisdiction of the commissioner of education to hear appeals arising under the school laws of this state.
HB 896
Relating to the eligibility of a student to participate in  extracurricular activities or competitions after transferring or moving from one public school to another.

HB 1263
Relating to the exemption of certain public school students of limited English proficiency from certain state-administered assessment instruments.
HB 1314
Strama | et al.
Relating to the availability of certain financial information on Internet websites of school districts and open-enrollment charter schools.
HB 1322
Relating to the establishment of an on-line resource for teachers of students with special health needs.
HB 1479
Relating to the state virtual school network.
HB 1616
Relating to prohibiting adverse action against a school district that does not consent to the payment of impact fees.
HB 2037
Howard, Donna | et al.
Relating to the creation of the Permanent School Fund Management Council to manage the permanent school fund; providing a criminal penalty.
HB 2262
Eissler | et al.
Relating to a requirement under the public school financial accountability rating system that a school district spend a specified percentage of district operating funds for instructional purposes.
HB 2263
Relating to extending the high school innovation grant initiative to middle and junior high schools.
HB 2264
Relating to establishment of an after-school grant program for certain students in public middle or junior high schools.
HB 2491
Relating to disclosure of certain personal information of applicants for employment with and current and former employees of public school entities.
HB 2512
Relating to authorization to make an audio recording of a meeting or proceeding arising from a grievance reported by a public school employee.
HB 2542
Relating to excused absences in public schools for students visiting institutions of higher education.
HJR 77
Howard, Donna | et al.
Proposing a constitutional amendment to create the Permanent School Fund Management Council to assume the duty of the State Board of Education to manage the permanent school fund.
HB 2448
Relating to reducing the amount paid to purchase attendance credits by certain school districts in disaster areas.
HB 1891
Madden | et al.
Relating to state funding for certain children to attend certain private prekindergarten programs.