Higher Education
upon lunch recess
Tuesday, May 19, 2009
House Chamber, Desk # 94
Rep. Dan Branch
SB 382
Van de Putte | et al.
Relating to a competitive grant program to fund promotion of early literacy programs in certain communities in this state.
SB 819
Davis, Wendy | et al.
Relating to the vaccination against bacterial meningitis of certain first-time students at public and private or independent institutions of higher education.
SB 857
Relating to the purchasing and contracting practices of junior college districts; providing criminal penalties.
SB 1394
Zaffirini | et al.
Relating to notification of an applicant for admission to a general academic teaching institution regarding the availability of degree programs in the applicant's preferred major field of study offered by other institutions.
SB 1443
Zaffirini | et al.
Relating to the academic costs charged to resident undergraduate students by general academic teaching institutions, to student financial assistance funded by tuition set-asides, and to certain reports regarding certain costs of those institutions.
SB 2146
Relating to the annual allocation of certain constitutional funds to eligible agencies and institutions of higher education.
SJR 35
Duncan | et al.
Proposing a constitutional amendment establishing the national research university fund to enable emerging research universities in this state to achieve national prominence as major research universities and transferring the balance of the higher education fund to the national research university fund.
SB 42
Relating to the eligibility of certain postdoctoral fellows and graduate students to participate in health benefit programs at public institutions of higher education.
SB 44
Relating to the participation of undergraduate students in funding awarded under the advanced research program.
SB 174
Shapiro | et al.
Relating to online institution resumes for public institutions of higher education.
SB 194
Relating to a prohibition against certain activities by a person employed in the financial aid office of a public institution of higher education.
SB 1304
Patrick, Dan | et al.
Relating to notice to students of a public institution of higher education of the required use of a portion of the tuition paid by the student to provide student financial aid.
SB 1343
Relating to the formula funding for public institutions of higher education for certain credit hours that do not count toward a degree.

SB 1728
Relating to the administration of and eligibility for the Joint Admissions Medical Program.
SB 1729
Relating to the terms of student members of certain Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board advisory committees.
SB 1735
Relating to the employment and commissioning of law enforcement personnel to provide security services to certain educational institutions.
SB 1764
Relating to the dissemination of information regarding the cost of attending public and private institutions of higher education and regarding the availability of financial aid to assist in paying that cost.
SB 1798
Relating to certifying the eligibility of certain educational aides to receive an exemption from tuition and fees charged by public institutions of higher education.
SB 2262
Relating to the administration of mathematics, science, and technology teacher preparation academies at institutions of higher education.
SB 2240
Relating to the financing of educational and related facilities by higher education facility authorities or nonprofit corporations performing the functions of those authorities and to the governance of certain higher education facility authorities.