The House Committee on Rules & Resolutions

81st Legislature

May 18, 2009

10:55 a.m.



Pursuant to an announcement from the house floor to meet while the house was in session, the House Committee on Rules & Resolutions met in a formal meeting on May 18, 2009 and was called to order by the chair, Representative McClendon, at 10:59 a.m.



The roll was answered as follows:


Present:               Representatives McClendon; Anderson; Farias; Kent; Kleinschmidt; Marquez; Rios Ybarra; Sheffield; Walle (9).


Absent:               Representatives Crabb; Edwards (2).


A quorum was present.



Representative Marquez moved to place the following measures on the Congratulatory Resolutions Calendar for Tuesday, May 19, 2009:  HCR219, HR1736, HR1927, HR1928, HR1929, HR1930, HR1931, HR1932, HR1933, HR1935, HR1936, HR1938, HR1939, HR1942, HR1945, HR1946, HR1947, HR1948, HR1949, HR1950, HR1951, HR1952, HR1953, HR1954, HR1955, HR1956, HR1958, HR1959, HR1960, HR1961, HR1962, HR1963, HR1964, HR1965, HR1966, HR1967, HR1968, HR1969, HR1970, HR1971, HR1972, HR1973, HR1974, HR1975, HR1976, HR1977, HR1978, HR1979, HR1980, HR1981, HR1982, HR1983, HR1984, HR1985, HR1986, HR1987, HR1988, HR1990, HR1991, HR1992, HR1993, HR1994, HR1998, HR1999, HR2000, HR2001, HR2002, HR2004, HR2005, HR2008, HR2009, HR2012, HR2013, HR2014, HR2015, HR2016, HR2017, HR2018, HR2019, HR2020, HR2021, HR2022, HR2023, HR2024, HR2025, HR2028, HR2029, HR2031, HR2032, HR2034, HR2036, HR2038, HR2042, HR2043, HR2045, HR2046, HR2047, HR2054, HR2056, HR2057, HR2058, HR2059, HR2060, HR2065, HR2067, HR2069, HR2071, HR2072, HR2075, HR2076, HR2077, HR2079, HR2081, HR2083, HR2085, HR2086, HR2087, HR2088, HR2089, HR2090, HR2091, HR2092, HR2093, HR2094, HR2095, HR2096, SCR63; and the following measures on the Memorial Resolutions Calendar:

HCR216, HCR217, HCR218, HCR223, HR4, HR1940, HR1941, HR1943, HR1944, HR1989, HR1995, HR1997, HR2003, HR2007, HR2035, HR2041, HR2048, HR2052, HR2053, HR2061, HR2063, HR2064, HR2066, HR2068, HR2070, HR2080, HR2082.









The motion prevailed by the following record vote:


Ayes:                              Representatives McClendon; Anderson; Farias; Kent; Kleinschmidt; Marquez; Rios Ybarra; Sheffield; Walle (9).


Nays:                              None (0).


Present, Not Voting:        None  (0).


Absent:                           Representatives Crabb; Edwards  (2).




At 11:01 a.m., on the motion of the chair and without objection, the meeting was adjourned subject to the call of the chair.




Rep. McClendon, Chair




Nicole Gilmore, Clerk