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  81R1856 JH-D
  By: Geren H.C.R. No. 16
         WHEREAS, Texas has become world famous for its many dinosaur
  discoveries; and
         WHEREAS, To honor the prehistoric reptiles that long ago
  resided in the state, Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 57 of the
  75th Texas Legislature named Brachiosaur Sauropod, Pleurocoelus,
  as the official Lone Star State Dinosaur; this designation was
  based on evidence that supported the presence of the dinosaur
  Pleurocoelus in Texas; and
         WHEREAS, Subsequently, the fossilized bones that were
  thought to be Pleurocoelus have been properly identified as a new
  species named Paluxysaurus jonesi; the identification was made by
  Peter Rose during his graduate studies at Southern Methodist
  University, and his findings have been widely accepted by other
  scientists since being published in 2007; and
         WHEREAS, The dinosaur is named for the town of Paluxy in Hood
  County and for the Paluxy River, both of which are near the Jones
  Ranch site where the fossils of this species were discovered; and
         WHEREAS, Paluxysaurus jonesi inhabited the earth
  approximately 95 to 112 million years ago, and these sauropods left
  behind a rich record of their existence; in addition to the bone
  fossils, evidence of the species exists in dinosaur footprints that
  have been found throughout the state; the most famous of these
  trackways runs along the Paluxy River and its tributaries, not far
  from the Jones Ranch site; many of these footprints can be viewed at
  Dinosaur Valley State Park, near the town of Glen Rose; and
         WHEREAS, The bones and tracks reveal the massive scale of
  Paluxysaurus; it is estimated that the dinosaur measured 70 feet
  long and 12 feet high at the shoulder, and weighed as much as 20
  tons; and
         WHEREAS, Paluxysaurus continues to be the subject of
  important paleontological research; a major dinosaur project is
  ongoing at the Jones Ranch site, with the work being led by the Fort
  Worth Museum of Science and History in partnership with Southern
  Methodist University; moreover, a public exhibit of the bones of
  Paluxysaurus jonesi is planned for the museum; and
         WHEREAS, Through the insightful work of Texas-based
  scientists, the tracks and bones of the large quadrupedal sauropod
  found in the Lone Star State are now clearly known to be those of the
  species Paluxysaurus jonesi rather than Pleurocoelus; and
         WHEREAS, Given the importance of the paleontological
  discoveries that have taken place in Texas, it is indeed
  appropriate that the designation of our state dinosaur keep pace
  with the latest scientific research; now, therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the 81st Legislature of the State of Texas
  hereby designate Paluxysaurus jonesi as the official Lone Star
  State Dinosaur, replacing Brachiosaur Sauropod, Pleurocoelus.