Senate Research Center                                                                                                      S.B. 1510

81R2771 JAM-D                                                                                                    By: West, Carona

                                                                                                 Transportation & Homeland Security


                                                                                                                                              As Filed





November 4, 2008 represented both a culmination and new horizon in American politics.  The evening that Barack Obama was elected president of the United States ended forever the question of whether a minority, an African American, can ascend to the highest elected office in the land.  It also unleashed for future generations, the hope and possibility that they too can achieve their version of the American dream if they set goals, prepare, and apply themselves to the task at hand.  His election is proof of the mantra that anything is possible in America.


President Obama's victory is an inspiration to many who have professed that they never thought they would see this day in their lifetimes.


Dallas County supported president Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election. This was overwhelmingly true in areas of southern Dallas County that are consistent with Texas Senate District 23.  It would be a lasting tribute expressive of the significance of President Obama's election to name a highway in that region in his honor.


As proposed,  S.B. 1510 authorizes that portions of Interstate 20 in southern Dallas County, within Texas Senate District 23, be named in honor of President Barack Obama.




This bill does not expressly grant any additional rulemaking authority to a state officer, institution, or agency.




SECTION 1.  Amends Section 225.001, Transportation Code, by amending Subsection (c) and adding Subsection (d), as follows:


(c)  Authorizes a part of the highway system, including a bridge or street, except as provided by Subsection (d), to be designated by the name of a person only if the person is deceased and was significant in the state's history or in the lives of the people of this state.


(d) Authorizes a part of the highway system, including a bridge or street, to be designated by the name of a current or former president of the United States.


SECTION 2.  Amends Subchapter B, Chapter 225, Transportation Code, by adding Section 225.0335, as follows:


Sec.  225.0335.  PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA FREEWAY.  (a) Provides that the portion of Interstate Highway 20 located in Dallas County between Mountain Creek Parkway and Dowdy Ferry Road is designated as the President Barack Obama Freeway.  Provides that the designation is in addition to any other designation.


(b) Requires the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), subject to Section 225.021(c) (relating to TxDOT requiring funds to erect a highway marker), to design and construct markers indicating the number, the designation as the President Barack Obama Freeway, and any other appropriate information.  Requires TxDOT to erect a marker at each end of the freeway and at appropriate intermediate sites along the freeway.


SECTION 3. Effective date: upon passage or September 1, 2009.